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Eliminate Carpenter Ants from Your Melbourne Property

10 May 2021

They make the smooth path inside the wood for them and their thousands of family and friends. Like termite, carpenters don’t consume wood. They will only chew and excrete the wood to create the path.  


Carpenter ants Melbourne is the company in Melbourne that has the expertise in this field. They provide the best service and permanent solution for carpenter ant problem with the help of advanced technology. 

There is also some minute black sugar ant which magically makes their way into your home. The black sugar and enters your house in search of minuscule crumb that you dropped on the floor. You will get more irritated when it arrives again and again.  


Here are some tips for you to get rid of the carpenter ant problem. 


  1. Find the nest 


You can find the nest of the ant by setting out bait for the ant. Once you find the nest, you can proceed with the following steps. Ants are attracted to sweets, so you can mix an equal amount of sweet with baking soda and place that mixture near the ant nest. The reason for mixing soda is because it has the power to kill the ant naturally. 


  1. Destroy scent trails 


Carpenter ant usually follows the pheromone path to search food sources. So, by cleaning this treasure map on the floor will keep your house away from any problem. You can use essential oils like lemon and tea tree to wipe down the path. 


  1. Destroy the nest 


Simply removing the nest with water will not help you. You should pore boric acid into the holes of the ant to destroy it completely. Boric acid will kill the ant. 


Bottom Line 


There are 12,000 species, and they can be divided into two categories as seriously destructive and harmless. You can follow the above instructions to get rid of carpenter ants from your Melbourne’s property.