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Business ideas for work-at-home mums

22 October 2014

More and more companies prefer to invest in remote workers as an alternative to the traditional working environment, which can sometimes be inefficient and expensive. This tendency can be of great value to all stay-at-home mums who would usually be forced to take a break from their careers. Nowadays, parenting and working can be easily combined in one single place – your home. Here are some of the most interesting ideas for starting a business for stay-at-home mums.


This is a great opportunity for those with strong opinions or captivating hobbies. Creating an online space for exploring the subject you're interested in is very self-fulfilling and the technical side of starting a blog is a piece of cake these days. But how to turn you blog into a source of income?

First, you need to think about its end product – what exactly you will sell, who is your target audience and whether you've got enough to say about it all to actually write regular posts. Once you share something you're really passionate about, you'll be able to draw people to your blog and raise income through advertising.


If you're good with numbers and quick to learn new software, consider bookkeeping. Today companies tend to use online accounting software and the demand for full-time bookkeepers considerably decreased. Becoming a freelance accountant, you'll be able to provide your services for a reasonable price, gaining both cash and experience on the job.


If wordplay is your kind of game, you can substantially improve your household income by becoming a copywriter. Content marketing is expected to grow in the next few years – marketers will be in need of good quality content and what can be a better place to find expert writers than the web? As a professional editor, you'll make your own schedule and won't be constrained by anything other than deadlines.

Arts, Crafts and Decoration Business

If you've always felt the need to creatively express yourself, this can be the right moment to translate your talent into a viable source of income. From decorating cakes, homemade goods and handmade jewellery to graphics and paintings, the web gives you lots of options for marketing and selling your products.

Bridal Consultant

If you've got some time on your hands and are a precise and well-organized person, the job of bridal consultant might be for you. Many women find it hard to organize a wedding with their busy professional and home lives, so they're likely to seek a professional guidance. If you love all things bridal, the job can be a great fit for your stay-at-home career.


If you like helping people to figure out the best paths for their lives and careers, consider becoming a life or career coach. This is a great job for stay-at-home mums, who can easily meet with clients without leaving the house. In order to become a coach, you might need some additional training in psychology and behavioural sciences – an online course will do the trick!

Business Consultant

If you boast an in-depth knowledge of an industry or a particular sector, you're already on your way to become a business consultant. Knowing how to break into creative industries or having acquired years of wisdom on startup management, you can become the person who sells their knowledge to others.

To finish off, here are two tips that apply to each and every position described above:
•    Get and distribute business cards. It makes you look professional and helps other to remember you (and your service!)
•    If you can't afford to have a website, set up a Facebook page or a tutorial blog, where you'll show some behind-the-scenes footage on how to make some of your beautiful creations.

The article was contributed by Monique Craig of Oneflare.