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Top 5 Courses to Learn Python Programming Language

26 June 2018

Python Programming Languagea

Over the past couple of decades or so, the popularity of Python programming has gone up exponentially. The reasons are not difficult to decipher: Python is powerful, versatile, and simple. A word about each of these attributes:

Powerfulness: Since it is object-oriented, it can be coded in any language, and the programmer or coder can leave the worry about about the language being used aside;

Versatility: Python’s versatility enables it to be used in several uses and applications. The fact that all of the world’s most popular social media sites are powered by Python is testimony to this;

Simplicity: Python is created to think like humans. There is no need for complex and detailed commands because of this attribute. It requires only simple syntaxes.

Python Programming Languagew

So, which is the best suited destination for those who want to undergo learning in Python? Simpliv, a learning platform that offers comprehensive, up-to-date, high-quality, valuable and affordable learning on all topics that could interest the human mind, from both the IT and non-IT areas, is a wonderful source to learn Python programming from.

For the value these courses offer, the price of the trainings is unbelievably low: priced at a mere $12; these Python programming courses are taught by a bunch of IT experts who are from the industry and work in the many areas of Python programming day in and day out. Why not take a look at these five best Python programming courses being offered by Simpliv?

  1. Let us start with the fundamental course on Python programming that makes it as easy as one can. This course on Python fundamentals is for those who have NO knowledge of Python! This course will teach participants to:


  • Write Python programs of moderate complexity
  • Perform complicated text processing – splitting articles into sentences and words and doing things with them
  • Work with files, including creating Excel spreadsheets and working with zip files
  • Apply simple machine learning and natural language processing concepts such as classification, clustering and summarization
  • Understand Object-Oriented Programming in a Python context


  1. Another course on Python programming from Simpliv is this one:


This Spark for Data Science with Python course helps you get your data to fly using Spark for analytics, machine learning and data science. With this course, you can:


  • Use Spark for a variety of analytics and Machine Learning tasks
  • Implement complex algorithms like PageRank or Music Recommendations
  • Work with a variety of datasets from Airline delays to Twitter, Web graphs, Social networks and Product Ratings
  • Use all the different features and libraries of Spark: RDDs, Dataframes, Spark SQL, MLlib, Spark Streaming and GraphX.


  1. Machine Learning, NLP & Python come to life with this interactive and fun filled course. it offers you learning with great clarity on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing with Python, Sentiment Analysis, and Mitigating Overfitting with Ensemble Learning. With this course, the experts, who bring years and years of experience of having worked with reputed organizations such as Google, Flipkart and Microsoft, will help you:


  • Identify situations that call for the use of Machine Learning
  • Understand which type of Machine learning problem you are solving and choose the appropriate solution
  • Use Machine Learning and Natural Language processing to solve problems like text classification, text summarization in Python.


  1. And then, there is this course on image processing applications on Raspberry Pi. A beginner course on the newly launched Raspberry Pi 3; this is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Zero. This course will take beginners with zero coding skills to a level where they can write their own programs. It will cover the basics of Python programming language and teach how to build Image Processing applications. Users can also easily and quickly learn hardware assembly and coding in Python programming for building Image Processing applications.


  1. Simpliv also brings the affable Mark Lassoff, a senior programmer who has taught over a million students online and in person over the twenty years he has been in this profession, for this course on Python for Beginners. It will cover all that you need to know about the fundamentals of Python programming, such as output, variables, code branching, loops, and lots, lots more!