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How to earn money from online by referring friends

07 June 2018

What exactly is the Simpliv’s Refer & Earn Cash Program?

Simpliv’s refer and earn cash program is an excellent opportunity to promote our online courses on various platforms and a chance to earn extra money without much effort. We want you to take advantage of the brand Simpliv to explore new opportunities. We have created this refer and Earn cash program to make it easy to refer our online courses to your friends and other people in close networks.

The program's simple: Get rewarded for referring friends to the Simpliv Network

Simpliv is the single-stop destination for various personal & professional certification training courses catering to the professionals from across the industries and functions which provide them with proven training content from the expert professionals of the industry.

Why join the Simpliv’s refer and Earn cash program

Earn Free cash with 0% Investment

Referral marketing is one of the highest performing channels in the e-learning and education industry. By referring and promoting the Simpliv’s online courses, you can start earning the Simpliv’s cash in your respective currencies which keep on accumulating as an when you bring more referrals to Simpliv’s network. Other benefits of our refer and Earn cash program include-

  • You will be rewarded with a referral commission of 20% in the form of cash, every time one of your referrals makes an online purchase.
  • By referring 10 friends who make any course purchase you can earn a lot of money.
  • For Example: 10 Friends * USD 12 = USD 120 in which you can get USD 24(or in your local Currency) as your commission.

How does the Simpliv refer and Earn cash program work?

  • As a Simpliv supporter, you promote or refer our online courses to your network of friends.
  • Earn attractive commissions in the form of Simpliv cash once your referred friends make any online course purchase on Simpliv which can be withdrawn in your PayPal account.

Benefits of joining the Simpliv’s refer and Earn cash program

By joining the Simpliv’s referral partner program, you will:

  • Get the chance to enjoy extremely attractive commission rates for referring friends who make a successful purchase on the Simpliv.
  • Earn while your learning/working.
  • Enjoy the benefit of a hassle free system, easy to use sales website system, no joining or set up fees, no maintenance needed from your end
  • Fast and transparent commission processing in the form of Simpliv cash.
  • An excellent opportunity to leverage the ability to market the leading e-learning portal and other training solutions into a decent extra income.
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