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Best 20 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About

03 July 2018

Best 20 Useful Websites

With the arrival of Massive Open Online Courses, the face of education has changed substantially over the past few years. The use of the Internet to impart courses is a game changer for the education industry.

Online education, as we all know, is meant to teach courses over the Net. This eliminates a major barrier for education: reach and access. With its ability to get within easy access to almost everyone who has access to the Net, online education offers immense potential for spreading education.

Today, there are many organizations that offer online courses, making this a truly disruptive development that is sure to benefit millions of people across the globe. That said, which are the online learning platforms that stand out and make a difference in every sense of the term? What distinguishes some of these from the rest?

It is to find this out that we have made a selection of the top 20 online educational websites that learners from around the world can access. We should, of course, mention that this is a list based on our observation and understanding, and is not absolute. Like every other such compilation, this list of top 20 online educational websites could change over time.

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So, here goes the list of top 20 online educational websites:

Coursera: Coursera is an online platform that is known across the learning community around the world for the huge number of its courses, and for the credentials, it offers from well-known universities for its courses. Given that it was founded by two Stanford professors, this may not come as a surprise. One can take up Coursera courses in almost any area of one’s liking.

Simpliv: Heard of an online platform for learning that is concerned not so much about the market for courses as much as for taking education to the remotest corners of the world and to everyone who wants to learn? This is the aim with which Simpliv wants to function. Its range of courses is quite broad; the experts teaching its courses are well known, and its courses are certified and highly affordable.

Udemy: Another deeply popular provider of online courses, Udemy blends and mashes a variety of courses to suit anyone from a young student to a university learner. It has risen from its tough beginnings, when at least 30 investors rejected funding to it, to being what it is today.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy should be on any list of 20 top online educational providing websites. Why? Because it has gone down very well with the learning community for the highly attractive course content and quality of its videos. Its courses are spread across almost all disciplines.

Alison: It is not surprising that Alison should make it to this list of top 20 online educational websites that offer courses. The reason is simple: it claims that it adapted this business model of spreading online education long before the name came into being. Alison also prides itself on the sheer range and variety of its courses that have been designed in conjunction with top universities.

Lynda: What started as a home tuition provider went on to become a global brand that LinkedIn acquired for a total value of $ 1.5 billion. Named after its Founder, this is the phenomenal story behind Lynda, whose humble beginnings from being a course provider for animation and multimedia classes became a sought-after company.

Ted-Ed: Ted-Ed started as an offshoot of the world known platform for motivational presentations, TED. Its courses are not only about motivation but cover a variety of other formally structured courses that are of immense value to learners across the globe, are on what it calls are “ideas worth spreading”.

Udacity: One of the highpoints of the Udacity platform is that it calls the “nanodegree”. This is a course aimed at fine-tuning the IT learning for entry level professionals and make them industry-fit. Of late, Udacity has been transforming its course collection to include the vocational courses. This is quite an expansion, considering that its courses were strictly technical.

Codecademy: Deriving its name from the important discipline of computer operations, coding, Codecademy is primarily a coding courses provider. Not that it needed much guessing to know this, of course. Well, this being its forte, you could say that Codecademy has anything and everything that has to do with coding.

Code: Similar to Codecademy, is a specialist in coding lessons. It teaches coding and app designing and writing. Its highlight is the easy and simple way in which its courses are tailored to the needs of children, keeping their learning needs and abilities in mind. Having said this, a good number of its courses are suited for adults, as well.

Memrise: Meant to rhyme with the word “memorize”; Memrise has a host of online courses from not just the technical fields, but also the humanities such as language. Its games-styled courses add a high degree of interactivity and fun to the learning. No wonder, its courses have been gaining huge popularity among young learners.

Ed2go: With partnerships with more than 2000 colleges and universities, Ed2go brings thousands of highly reasonably priced courses for learners of any topic of their interest. This online educational platform has a good collection of instructors that are readily available to help learners with anything that they want to learn and clarify.

TechChange: We should say that there is something really different about TechChange. Rather than scamper for the gold rush of technical trainings; the founders of TechChange have been focusing on the pressing social issues of our times. They also offer online courses on social engineering, social entrepreneurship, and social and public policy. So, for anyone interested in any of these areas, TechChange is a great platform to learn from. It helps, of course, that TechChange partners with peace building missions and organizations of the UN and other global bodies and think tanks.

MIT Video: Of course, no prizes for guessing the origins of this learning platform. Yes, this is an MIT initiative. It has a stunning collection of more than 10,000 lectures, presentations and talks that are spread into all the subjects in which MIT stands head and shoulders above the rest: business management, social sciences, administration, mathematics, engineering, metallurgy, aerospace, marine engineering, biotechnology, AI, machine learning, and well, you name it.

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Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple: Well, specializations cannot get any narrower than this. This platform, whose name says it all, consists of all of three lectures that are about nothing other than Quantum Physics. These three presentations plus their respective intros are all that the course curriculum consists of. Taking the granularity of the course further; these are offered by one theoretical physicist: the venerable Hans Bethe. For lovers of Quantum Physics, this course platform is a divine offering.

Google Code: Did you know that Google has a set of online coding courses that come with the brand name Google Code? It has a solid collection of tutorials for android app development. Wait, that is not all. Participating in its annual competition-Google Code-In could take you places if you could show Sundar Pichai that your coding skills match those of his company.

Eliademy: Eliademy is a free online learning platform in which educators and learners collaborate for creating, sharing and managing online courses. It makes its learning interactive and more organized with its novel features such as real-time discussions and task management. Making its courses available in over 30 languages; Eliademy caters to a learning community of more than 50,000. With funding from Inventure and with a few good awards to speak about; Eliademy is set to go places.

Do It Yourself: This name is definitely thoroughly suggestive of what one can expect from this platform for online learning. A complete source for how-to’s on areas for which how-to’s are well suited; Do It Yourself is aimed at helping people gain online learning on topics related to home improvement. It also offers a lot of suggestions and discussions on the related areas of art and craft, decoration, lifestyle and the like.

Stanford Online: Does it surprise that the university whose courses are offered to the world of learners through collaborations with online course providers should have an online collection of its own? That is what Stanford Online is. But with most of its courses being made available to learners through its partners; Stanford Online is limited in its collection of courses, offering only those that it does not through its collaborations.

Pluralsight: If one is looking for a collection of courses that can be termed as nothing short of phenomenal. Pluralsight is the one that comes to mind. Technical courses, creative courses, vocational courses, IT, software, animation, gaming, web development- well, any of these and more, Pluralsight has it all. Its collection of video clips is what is mindboggling: it numbers 130,000!