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The Growing Responsibility Of Australians Towards Sustainability

19 August 2016

As one of the leading countries in the international index for sustainable living, Australia has taken on a road to improving the resilience and quality of life in the country.

For over a decade, the Southern Hemisphere has developed innovative environment strategies, immersing ecology communities and organisations from all around the continent into the idea of sustainability. Despite the uncontrollable actions of the monopolies, the government succeeds in reducing the carbon footprint of Tasmania and the Australian continent.

Still, we are yet to experience the consequences of our own actions if we fail to make the biggest leap.

Fellow citizens from all over the Southern Hemisphere gather forces against the expanding industries. But will they succeed and alternate the obscure reality to which we are headed?

Accomplishing our goal would be impossible if we do not accept the truth about our own behaviour. The turning stone of our inevitable inclination is understanding the importance of our goal and taking responsibility. Without turning our attention to these Earth-changing factors, we would never reach our final destination. Doomed to lead an unhealthy life, breathing diseased air and drinking polluted water, we would only teach our children how to wreck the little that nature gives us.

The questions is: Are we ready to make a change?

Australia has already taken the first step towards the reduction of its carbon footprint but there is more to be done. Along with supporting sustaining ecology organisations, green communities and local green cleaning companies, we need to make our move and learn to live in one with nature. If we fail to teach our children to love Earth, no one will.

Whenever there is an opportunity to get involved in the process of rejuvenating our planet, don't hesitate to take action. There are thousands of environment initiatives you can get involved with, such as SCIRO or Tidy Towns.

Being dedicated to a cause takes more than just promises. Your partnership with local town recovery groups is senseless if you don't have a strong presence in activities. Taking part of projects focused on heritage building restoration, landscaping and helping others may be your first step towards sustainable living. But even if you decide to participate in community programs or support cleaning organisations in your locality, you would still need to stay focused on the small details and make sure you are throwing your house trash in the right bin. And this is just the beginning of an endless journey.

So, are you ready to make your move?

About: Ariella Polter is a nature conservation supporter and avid activist who's on the long journey of providing local businesses the know-how and techniques needed for them to expand their products and services towards sustainability. Her current project with Paul's Cleaning Sydney aims at building a working system that helps the company deliver high-end cleaning services tailored to the latest environmental standards.