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Deriving the best out of Microsoft Outlook

20 March 2017

Few can dispute Microsoft Outlook’s position of primacy among personal information managers. Organizations around the world, big, small or medium, and employees of almost all designations, and employers alike use Microsoft Outlook at their means of office communication. For over a decade and a half, Microsoft Outlook has entrenched itself as the world’s leading personal information manager.

All the changes that Microsoft has brought about into Outlook from the time of its introduction have been aimed at introducing newer features and improving user experience. However, given the innumerable features that Microsoft Outlook comes with and incorporates afresh with almost every new edition; many users are all at sea in understanding how to use it fully and derive the best use out of it.

Helping gain clarity on the use of Microsoft Outlook

How does one gain a clearer and better understanding of putting Microsoft Outlook into the best use for their organization’s communication? This will be the learning that a webinar from TrainHR, a highly popular provider of professional trainings for the HR industry, will offer.

At this session, Kimberly Medlock, who owns Smarter Training Matters, is a Board Certified Professional Organizer and Microsoft Certified Outlook Specialist, and speaks and trains about productivity issues with the goal of helping others to be their best at work, will be the speaker. The special characteristic of this webinar is that the training will be offered not from a techie, from a technical perspective, but from a user, purely from a user’s perspective. This will deprive the session of the technical jargon and wavelength that could bring about a sense of disconnect in the participants.

Want to understand the ways by which to improve and elevate your understanding of Microsoft Outlook? Want to be sure about how to use all its features for better facilitation of communication and organization at the workplace? Then, registering for this webinar is the solution. To do this, just log on to

Understand how to use Microsoft Outlook fully and better

Because of the varied features available with Microsoft Outlook, not many executives, even those who use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis, are fully aware of how to use it. If many of its features are left unexplored, many executives may feel that Microsoft Outlook is not fully serving their needs, even though the program could be having the features they need. Their lack of knowledge of how to use it could be preventing them from deriving the fullest use of Microsoft Outlook.

Kimberley will teach participants the ways of using Microsoft Outlook more confidently and efficiently, so that they end up organizing their information and commitments better.

A technical topic sans the technical element

Since this TrainHR session is from a purely nontechnical perspective, it will go a long way in helping the participants relate to this learning. The speaker will offer a few valuable smart tips, tricks and systems that will help them to better manage their tasks, follow-ups, contacts, notes and calendar items.

She will show ways by which emails, contacts, tasks, calendars and notes, can all be managed, all in one program. Of course, not a moment at this session will be boring, because Kimberly will lace the session with fun and interactivity. Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Trainers, Consultants and Supervisors are sure to find this session on Microsoft Outlook interesting and lively.

Kimberly will cover the following areas at this webinar on Microsoft Outlook:

o   The six kinds of email to get out of your inbox

o   The "What-When-Where" processing system

o   How to create and use an Outlook "To-do" list

o   How to easily build your contacts list

o   How to keep your notes and ideas in email folders

o   Tricks for automating your emails

o   Calendar tricks that save you time.