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Which is Best for Web Application Development—Dot Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java

03 August 2018

When we talk about the web application development technology, web browsers are flashing in our minds at very first moment. It is because web browsers can talk in terms of HTTP or web-sockets with the Internet.

Web Application Development

Supports of Web Browsers

Moreover, web browser technologies are growing rapidly and expanding its supports for new programming languages that we never think of it. Mobile web browsers are behaving differently, and many web services work on mobile platforms with low-level native web browsers like WebView and APIs to give user interface.
The mobile web is hardly depending on de-facto standard desktop web technologies and leave enough room for diversity in web development technologies and frameworks.

Emerging Web Application Development Technologies

Therefore, we cannot rely on traditional Webs Application Development technologies such as PHP and Java, as server-side scripting languages, Ruby, and Python as standard web programming platforms, and .NET as emerging open source from a large proprietary software developer community of Microsoft.

Web Application Development3
We have to think of emerging scripting languages and frameworks such as JavaScript as full-fledged front-end and backend script, jQuery as a substitute of JavaScript in mobile web programming, Scala against Ruby, Elixir with Phoenix framework, Clojure with Datomic database, Haskel for serious functional programming, and Rust as a good alternative to it.
Node.js, Angular.js, Go, Dart, etc. are few names, which are gaining ground in the list of web development technologies. Therefore, sticking with one or two Web Application Development technologies for varying nature, size, and types of projects seems fatal attitude for the web programmers.

Particularly, for those programmers who have to traverse deep ocean of job market and career development in the stiffly competitive world of developers.
However, due to space constraints, we may discuss the traditional and standard web development technologies such as

  • Dot Net
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java

All come with their pros and cons and appropriateness in modern contexts, particularly where mobile web is going to dominate, and some new other hardware technologies may wait to arrive on the Web-o-Sphere.

PHP Web Application Development

Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a server-side scripting language developed with the intention to create powerful dynamic and interactive websites in the static website era.
It has rapidly gained momentum, and today nearly, 40% websites or web application in the world of the Internet is running with PHP in their source code. However, we can cite numerous reasons behind such immense popularity, but few are distinguished such as:

  • It can easily embed into HTML code without requiring separate IDE
  • It is with short learning curve and flexible so need frameworks to do organized coding and a lot of frameworks available for little to large-scale programming
  • It is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, as well as supports all existing web servers
  • It has universal database supports, so integration of any database is possible with PHP
  • It is open source and with huge open source community to support
  • It is at the core of various open source software with great popularity such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and so on
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ASP.NET Web Application Development

Web Application Developmenta

By nature, .NET is a framework, not a programming language. It is a product of the work of the proprietary giant Microsoft. It is supporting various Microsoft languages including VB & C#. The major part of .NET developer uses C# for desktop and mobile web development including cross-platform mobile applications.
Therefore, here we will discuss C# instead of ASP.NET framework. C# is a refined programming language with Object-Oriented Programming properties and follows MVC paradigm for rapid web application development.
ASP.NET offers flexibility and scalability that PHP can give only with various frameworks at different levels. C# has all good things in VB and C++ while support of Visual Studio with myriads of tools is great.

Visual Studio is shifting as open source and free platform gradually, and ASP.NET framework is decoupling from IIS to offer supports for a broad range of servers on the web.
PHP has various frameworks with the loyal community for each framework whereas .NET is a single framework with a comparatively huge community of developers. Therefore, you can collect a big team of desired skill sets easily for ASP.NET Web Application Development projects.

Python Web Application Development

Python in web developer community is considering as a general-purpose programming language for high-level designing and expressing concepts in a few lines of code. It has astounding readability, so if you know English, you can understand one-fourth of code written in Python.
Therefore, it is a good choice when a big team is working on a massive scale of the project, and a number of programmers have to read and code in a collaborative environment.
Python is supporting OOP and Functional Programming, as it is supporting multiple ways to create the structure and elements of programs for computing devices.
Its rapid prototyping and dynamic semantic capabilities are unbeatable so you can easily construct web applications by testing and importing vital functions.
Unfortunately, Python has a smaller community in comparison to PHP, NET and Java so find an expert developer is a tough job.

Ruby on Rails Web Application Development

Microservices Spring Boot Tutorial1

Ruby is a high-level programming language, which just like PHP can be embedded into HTML easily. It is open source and pure OOP language for web programming as well as other purposes too.
Technically, it offers encapsulation of data methods within objects while doing OOP and developers can use a super advanced string as well as text manipulation techniques.
It enables developers to write multi-threaded apps using simple API, and it can easily connect to various databases including MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and so on.
The more curious thing for Ruby is that it allows programmers to write external libraries in Ruby or C class languages. It also provides a mechanism for powerful string handling and advanced array class.
Some useful features of Ruby include better security coding, flexible syntax, and debugger to create a quality web application.
It is straightforward and easy for fresher to learn and code due to its easy and clean syntax. Of course, enormous learning resources are plus point for its vast developer community and fans.
Ruby has known framework, and it is Rails so sometimes it refers as Ruby on Rails (ROR) among its lovers.

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Java Web Application Development


Java is a platform-agnostic programming language for web and desktop applications and now used in Android for mobile application development. It is a pure Object-oriented language with strict conventions and typing.
Java is highly preferred programming language for enterprises for big scale projects for the web, intranet as desktop usage, and in modern M2M, IoT, and LBS, as embedded programming language.
It is because it offers high-end security coding, performance designing, and concurrency programming. It brings productivity for developers and eases their life with scalability and interoperability whenever needed.
The best thing for Java is that it is treating as the standard language in universities and courses so finding a Java developer is quite easy and with different levels of skill sets.
Therefore, just like PHP and ASP.NET languages and frameworks, Java is futuristic and give ‘Spring’ and ‘Play’ like programmer friendly frameworks to do rapid Web Application Programming.

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If you have small-scale projects, selecting a single programming technology is a good option, but with large-scale projects, we cannot restrict with one and should go with a mix of multiple web programming languages, frameworks, and databases.
In big projects, sometimes finding developers with single skill sets is tough and we have to compromise by including multiple languages to serve different purposes.
Therefore, developers should learn more than one Web Application Development languages, and clients should select the web development companies with a mix of skill sets available as development resources.
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