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Working ON Your Business

07 March 2011

Most of us accept that we are in business for an economic benefit. Behind this there are drivers like passion, excitement, pride, energy BUT most of all value - there has to be value. What is your value proposition? I am of the view that we all need to spend more time working 'on our business' as opposed to 'in our business'. We need to regularly step back and do the following:

1. Self Reflection

Who are we? What is our mission and or purpose in life? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? What are our goals and are they SMART? What is important to us? What do we value (people, clients, money)?

2. Transferable Skills

What skills set do we have in our 'business tool box'? Do we know which skills need to be sharpened, developed, extended?

3. SWOT analysis

When last did you take a really good look at your business from this perspective? Looking at both your internal (strengths, weaknesses) and external (opportunities, threats) factors.

4. Value Proposition

Do you know your value? Who you are, where you fit and do you communicate this in a clear and concise way?

Take regular time out to work on your business - invest for the long term! Mahatma Gandhi said \"The future depends on what you do in the present.\"