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With the right support we can do just about anything

21 November 2012

Out there in the world of brands and finance and banks, it’s important, if you’re going to be heard above the noise, to establish yourself and stamp the space with something that’s undeniably you. 

I am, of course, thinking about Westpac’s new brand position, which was launched on November 18 and is being rolled out in various traditional and new media avenues across the country in the next few months.

Our position, which DDB Australia has helped create, is to focus on our heritage and our long, enduring and ongoing “support” of Australia from major infrastructure projects to individual goals.

I don’t believe a lot of people know what a truly enviable position we are in?

We are Australia’s first bank and company. 

We have a 196-year history in Australia and it’s a history of having proudly supported Australia with our knowledge, history and expertise. 

The campaign brings us a lovely, bright, refreshing way of looking at Australia and how proud we are to support the country and people in it to develop and grow.

I’ve found it inspiring and I must point out, with more than a tinge of pride, when you do go to look at more about the campaign and what Westpac is able to bring to the table on our main site, the Ruby Connection receives some very specific attention in the Beyond Banking segment.

Dedicated to inspiring, educating and supporting Australian women with their finances, the Ruby network and its members form a perfect microcosm of the determined women of this nation.

Women are great savers and planners. They think before they act and they budget. We know this from our research. I am also very well aware that many of us have dreams, big dreams, and we’re intelligent enough to know that in many cases dreams won’t come true if we don’t have a strategy in place upon which to act. 

And that’s where the power ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and Bonnie Tyler enter the picture. 

What, you are wondering, do they have to do with anything? 

They form the theme tune (and we actually have Bonnie perform the song in our new ad) behind our very important savings message, which we’ve pegged to what for many women is the single most important dream of their lives: their wedding day. (And if that day doesn’t resonate for you, close your eyes and slip in a dream of your own, the message still works.)

I don’t want to spoil the punch line by saying too much more, but let’s just say there’s a humorous twist in the ‘tale’, and you can see here -