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23 October 2019


There is a trend in business places that seems to have been going on for some time now. A trend that improves a company, and the lives of its employees, thoroughly and completely. Namely, the trend we are talking about here is a focus on making the workplace more pleasant, and more employee friendly.

Namely, managers and business owners now understand that a happy, comfortable workplace is key to employee productivity. The idea that comfort makes employees lazy is complete nonsense, and modern managers understand this. With good working conditions, employees will be more motivated, creative, all of which leads to higher productivity and better profits. If you want to learn more about how employee-friendly offices improve productivity, just read the article below.

Flexible work hours

There is something to be said about regularly and routines. You need to have people you can count on, people that will come on time when you need them. However, what about the many times when you don’t need them? Moments when they do have their tasks ready and set for them, but when they don’t really have to be at the office at set times. For example, they may have a project that takes a week of grunt work to finish up, with only a day of creative brainstorming and direction needed. For these circumstances, we advise you set a clear date and time for the brainstorming, and for the rest let them come in the office whenever they want. 

You can go a step further and let them work from home whenever they want, as long as they stick to set meet updates. By giving them this much freedom, you improve morale and motivation. They can work at their own pace, at their own time, instead of conforming to the regular nine to five system.

Furthermore, you make it easy for people who are natural night owls, whose circadian rhythms just don’t really mesh with what society set out. Allowing them to work whenever they want to will lead to greater productivity, and a better overall mood.

Spruce up the office

You should also take care how your office looks and feels. Understand that beautiful surroundings can improve people’s moods and boost creativity. So, things like getting some artwork around the workplace, or a nice fountain can make it look much better.

Another thing you can try is get as much natural light in the office as possible. If you have a say in the matter, let the office have large windows and even a skylight. Natural light is very good for you, it improves people’s general sense of well-being, and makes them healthier. Leave the blinds always up, and let the light in. If this is not an option, or if there is simply not much you can do, try to get lights that are at least as similar to natural light as possible.

Show that you care

This all isn’t just some hippy, new age nonsense. It all improve the mental health of your employees, and will be sorely appreciated by all of them. Showing that you care, that you actually think about their well-being will make them feel appreciated, and will make the entire place more employee-friendly

So things like making the workplace look and feel nice matter. On another level, having professional tpd lawyers on call will show your people that you have their back and that they have someone to talk to if they get into trouble. Letting them know their insurance and medical policies are being handled, their retirement plans are under control, all these little (and not so little) things do wonders.

Some comfort goes a long way

Finally, try to make things comfortable. Don’t be cheap, actually invest in some ergonomic chairs and desks, get some proper furniture and comfortable sitting arrangements. Understand that your people will be spending 40 hours per week for years behind a desk. Some comfort and pleasant surroundings will do wonders. Instead of turning these 40 hours into a chore, they may actually enjoy it. However, back pain is not enjoyable, and needs to be taken seriously.

And don’t just stop there. Set up your rec room, get some good coffee makers, maybe a foosball table. Keep the cupboards and fridge stocked, and never, ever run out of coffee.


And there you have it folks, a couple of ways you can make the office more employee friendly and the reasons you should do so. Everything from making the place more comfortable, to making it more beautiful leads to an increase in motivation and productivity. By giving your employees as much freedom as you can you nurture creativity and autonomy. In the end, you simply end up with larger profits, and a more pleasant work atmosphere.