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Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page?

07 March 2011

Here are 22 good reasons, but I am sure that there are lots more:

Brand/business awareness

To connect with your audience

To engage with your audience

To listen to your audience (they do often have great ideas )

To find out about your audience through the insights tools, demographic info

To get feedback on product or business ideas within days

To be seen as \"With It\"

So that you don't miss marketing to those 350 million people on Facebook

Because people are spending over 55 minute a day on Facebook

Enables you to get feedback in real time

Lets your audience \"talk\" to you - enabling a two way conversation between you and them

A fan page can be found by internet search engines (but a profile page or group can't)

You can advertise directly to your fans, or friends of your fans

A way to let your fans know about competitions and special offers and drive them to your website

A cheap way to market to your audience

You can be a bit more quirky and out there on a fan page!

It can replace your website

You can sell your products and/or services on a fan page

You can promote events directly to your fans

It's environmentally friendly - nothing to print and mail

It is global, so you can reach the whole world in once place!

It is not \"A Fad\" it is here to stay

For more info check out a new Facebook Fan Page I've set up.