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Why Coworking Is More than Just a Desk

31 July 2017

Today, the sophistication of digital technology allows people to work from just about any environment they choose. This is the beauty of being a modern entrepreneur. There are no rules and no limits, other than the ones you set for yourself. It is not to say that some work environments aren’t better than others, however.

When you constantly work in isolation, from coffee shops, cafés, and your own sofa, you miss out on the benefits of creative collaboration. This is something which Australians do really well, so it’s worth investing in a workspace which provides access to that most valuable of assets – company. With shared office space, you’ve got a chance to be truly inspired.

This guide to the benefits of coworking spaces will explain why there’s more to this modern trend than hipsters and tech nerds.

Creating Global Communities

According to expert office providers Servcorp Coworking, solutions such as shared facilities are great for entrepreneurs, because they provide a sense of community. In fact, many people register with coworking spaces precisely because they feel lonely or isolated when working from home.

Heading out to a lively environment is a chance for you to feel inspired again, particularly if remote schedules have left you in a funk. You can meet fellow entrepreneurs and make new social connections. In many cases, people leave with new contacts from various industries.

Improving the Work/Life Balance

Coworking is about more than just trying to cut costs by sharing space. So much emphasis is placed on the practical business benefits of shared offices, but the advantages don’t stop there. The increased flexibility (freedom to work where you want) is very good for the health.

It allows entrepreneurs to bypass many of the stresses associated with juggling a work and personal life. All office locations are central, with good transport links, and you can choose how much time you spend there. Most users split their routines between the office and home.

Coworking for Everybody

Over the last decade, the popularity of coworking spaces has taken off in a big way. Now, you’ll find high-end facilities in most of the major Australian cities. Not just that, but they come in all shapes and sizes. There’s bound to be a perfect office space out there for you.

For instance, the demand for female only offices is growing. Some shared workspaces are themed around nature and contain living walls and water features. Some are very free-form and open plan. Others combine collaborative areas with more private workstations.

A Chance to Really Take Off

For younger entrepreneurs, coworking spaces often represent a very specific set of possibilities. They relax the rules, relinquish control, and put decisions back in the hands of the tenant. They, essentially, free entrepreneurs from the traditions of the past.

The best example of this is the rise of digital nomadism and the idea that, as long as you have an internet connection, you can work from anywhere. Coworking spaces encourage this belief by opening up doors around the world. Register with one office, and you’re welcome in many.

Why Aussie Entrepreneurs Need to Try Coworking

If you’ve never entertained the idea of sharing office space before, the prospect can be a little daunting. After all, traditional work environments emphasise the importance of isolation, quiet, and sanctioned interaction. It’s worth giving the trend a try though because you might just surprise yourself.

Modern coworking spaces are not carnivals of noise and distraction. There is life and personality here, sure, but users are respectful and recognise when their peers need time to focus. It’s a matter of working out what your needs are and finding them within these flexible, dynamic office environments.