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Why business is like a marriage

25 February 2013

I’ve heard the phrase that business can be a cruel mistress, but for me it’s more like a marriage. If you don’t know why you started your businesses, you’ve got some rocky times ahead. Similarly, if you don’t remember why you married the person you have chosen to spend your life with, then it’s hard to stay positive during the tough times.
Here are a few strategies I use to stay connected to my business WHY - and they’re pretty useful when it comes to my husband too!
What are my passions?
Running my business in tune with my passions helps me stay in ‘flow’. I love to share it and in turn it allows me to operate from my greatest space. As Arnold Toynbee said, “the supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”
What are my values?
Clarity of personal values is shown to be of greater significance when determining your business commitment than clarity of the actual business values. So it makes sense to align your business with your own set of values. Identify ten values that are important to you. Now imagine you are only permitted to keep five, then four, then three, then two, then one. After you’ve done so, ask yourself if you’ve created a business where your personal values are represented.
Playing to strengths
Everyone has innate strengths. And - as Naomi Simson from RedBalloon often refers to them - “non-strengths”. Which is far nicer than weaknesses, don’t you agree? It’s far easier,  more effective, and far nicer to your self-esteem to play to your strengths rather than stressing about your weaknesses. Some ‘non-strengths’ are never going to be your strengths, so be aware of them, know how you can best be supported, and stop beating yourself up about it!
Passion, Strengths and Values are all areas I develop in my Why Workshop training. Have a look and join the next one in Sydney CBD on March 27th. Think of it as marriage counseling for your business!