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Why a Shed Is an Ideal Place to Start a Business

18 October 2019

Sheds are having a nice revival thanks to people’s aspirations to start their own businesses yet their inability to keep up with horrid commercial office space prices. While you can work from the comfort of your own home (especially if your work focuses on your computer) it’s much better to separate your private life from your work and take your business elsewhere. If you have enough space in your backyard, why not invest in a shed? Commercial sheds are a perfect way to provide your business with separate quarters yet save a lot of money on rent, external storage and commute time. If you like what you hear so far, here are a few reasons you’ll rush to get your own industrial shed. 

It allows clear lines between work and private life

Why are sheds so attractive to people when compared to working from a living room or basement? Well, ‘shedworking’ allows people to separate their private life from their work-life both physically and psychologically. You can literally get up in the morning, get dressed for work, pick up a cup of coffee, walk to your workplace and start your workday in your shed. Once your workday is over, you go back to your house. It’s much more practical and psychologically-beneficial than investing in a house with an extra room. 

It’s easy to set up

Most of the work you need to do on your shed is cosmetic. Otherwise, it’s ready to use the second you put it up, as a professional industrial shed is much quicker to install than any other type of building. Plus, industrial sheds provide you with plenty of space for larger projects or your growing storage needs so you can still have all your work at one place. You might want to invest in good locks and windows for insurance purposes, but that’s where your shed-modification can end. Since your business is so close to your home, you can often pick up Wi-Fi and use the existing utilities from your house. If the space is cold in the winter, you can come in early, run the heater, go back in the house for a cup of coffee and breakfast, and return to a cozy environment—super practical!

It’s cost-effective

If you’re running a small internet-based business, coping with the costs of an office or a business unit can be super hard. But, don’t let cost considerations stop you from achieving your dreams and being a business owner. If you invest in a shed for your backyard, you’ll have a perfect place to work that will allow you to save thousands of dollars from the onset and over time. Plus, imagine all the commuting expenses you’ll avoid! 

It’s practical

You really don’t need a professional building for your small business. Utilizing what you already have will provide you with not only a cost-effective workspace but also boost the practicality of your business. Consider this—you’re always close to your business and keep it safe from intruders and other emergencies. You can also be at your customer’s disposal even after hours and work on weekends or late into the night (if you wish). In case you’re away, your family members can step in and cover for you.  

It’s peaceful

If you’re susceptible to distractions, shedworking is perfect for you. Since they are away from your house, you’ll have all the privacy and peace you need to concentrate on your work. You can also work at your own pace and avoid pressure of work colleagues and their distracting chatter. 

Tips from shed-entrepreneurs 

People who already moved their business into their private industrial sheds are more than happy to share their tips. Many recommend grabbing a long cable and running it from your house to the shed to provide power. In case you have a business that doesn’t require large machines, this setup can power everything you need from your laptop to your heater, kettle and lighting. 

All of shed-entrepreneurs recommend investing in a quality shed kit in order to avoid moisture. Additionally, get the biggest model you can fit into your space—you’ll love extra square footage for storage, side-projects and elbow-space. If you can customize your shed, choose something with larger windows. Natural light will boost your productivity and improve your health. 

While working from your shed isn’t exactly a new thing (people have been doing this for hundreds of years), recent technological advancements and an increase in people’s wish to become business owners have been two major drivers for this type of workspace. So, don’t hesitate to provide your business with practical, cost-effective and comfortable quarters and build a shed in your backyard.