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What's a Cardoon? Or the joy of learning new stuff.

06 June 2011

Nope, you’re not going to learn the 10 top tips for growing your business, but if you want to know what a cardoon is, read on…

It’s been a great learning month for me. 

The wonderful One Thousand and One, Organisational Storytelling duo of Gabrielle and Yamini offered me some brilliant new insights about how to lift my game in communicating the Fitted for Work story to others. 

Attending the lectures of linguist Professor Dovid Katz at Monash University on the Past, Present and Future of Yiddish has sparked my winter-sluggish synapes into feverish brain activity and, perhaps even real-life action.   Watch out. 

And then of course, there’s The New Yorker, which I read religiously to make sure I don’t get stuck just exploring the same-old, same-old, fields.  Well here I came a cropper - just like those poor horses in the newly revived Victorian jumping races.  Though luckily this has not lead to me having to be put down just yet. 

Here is a magazine for the general reader - not specialists - and I couldn’t understand the article on quantum computing.  I got bits of it but really despite my best efforts (well a fair bit of effort anyway) most of it was beyond me.  Grr.  Okay a set back.  But with a tot of Wikipedia and a dose of “The Lazy Layman’s (sic) Guide to Quantum Physics, I’m creeping over that hurdle. 

Yes, yes, hold your horses,  I’m getting to the cardoon.  A recent overseas guest left me a gift of a gorgeous cookbook “Vegetables from an Italian Garden.”  Lots of photos, how to grow info, great recipes and in the Winter section “Cardoons”.   Related to, and said to taste like, artichokes, they look like a fat, scruffy bunch of celery.  I’m tossing up between Cardoon Flan and Cardoon Sformata.  Yummmmm.

So much to learn and enjoy out there.  Better stop writing and go get me some cardoons to cook.



  • Renata Singer

    Renata Singer 8 years ago

    Don't hold your breath for the recipes. My cardoon exploration/experiment is on hold. It turns out that cardoons are not so easy to come by. I'm informed that there is one stall at the Vic Market that has them - sometimes. Watch this space for more on the cardoon hunt.