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What to do with the boring bits

07 March 2011

You've built a sustainable coaching practice and want to take your business to the next level but you're so bogged down with administrative tasks that you don't have time to create the reality you desire. Or perhaps your PC has Oppositional Defiant Disorder and you lack the technical skills to achieve your marketing goals. Possibly you just don't want to shell out for sophisticated software that will rarely be used. The solution is to find someone who loves to do those tasks you fear the most. Someone to deal with, yes, the boring bits.

If you don't have the resources for, or require someone full time, consider outsourcing the aspects of your business that you enjoy least. This is a double-win solution. Firstly, your time is freed up to do what you do best; coaching. Secondly, if you choose to outsource those particularly troublesome tasks to an expert, the tasks will be completed in less time than it would take you to do them. This results in a real dollar saving in terms of hourly rates.

Some aspects of your business that you might consider outsourcing:

Diary management - Present a more professional face to your clients by having a Virtual Assistant manage your diary, organise travel and co-ordinate appointments. Phone and email enquires will be responded to in a timely, personal manner.

Event coordination - According to a 2009 survey by The Coach Academy, free seminars, workshops or teleclasses are a marketing strategy used by 42% of coaches and are becoming increasinly popular. Event coordination is often labour intensive and more smoothly handled by someone who already has contact with relevant organisations.

Survey - Is your marketing plan still working for you? Are you interested in finding out how much clients would be prepared to pay for a proposed product? Online surveys can be a valuable marketing tool but design and analysis requires a certain amount of technical know-how.

Writing - Perhaps you've been thinking about writing an ebook to sell or give away on your website as a promotional tool but lack the time and resources. Or maybe you want to publish articles to present yourself as an expert in your field. Is your prose as polished as it could be? Do you know which article directories will be most effective for your business?

Contact - What's the point of having an extensive database if you don't keep in touch? It's far more efficient to retain current clients than to attract new ones. Outsource your customer relationship management to include ezines (email newsletters), service updates and even birthday cards.

Bookkeeping - You're a people person, not an accountant.

Website - Make your website work for you by being more than just a bio. Add video, downloadable audio and/or transcripts of your sessions. Add a shopping cart and links to teleseminars or webinars. Motivate your clients even when you're sleeping.

Social media - You understand that networking is the number one marketing tool but it's been said that if you're not on the web you don't exist. If Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - the top three social media platforms - mean nothing to you, you need a social media assistant.

As a coach/consultant, you understand the value of developing relationships but establishing a relationship with several different experts can be frustrating and time consuming. An alternative rapidly being embraced by coaches is to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants are usually specialists in one field - accounting or graphic design for example - but have a wide range of experience to provide total support as and when you need it.

Can you afford to outsource? If you're serious about taking your business to the next level but you're too busy bogged down with database maintenance and office admin then you need to ask, can you afford not to?

The CoachesVA team of Virtual Assistants was established by Colleen Amos and Debbie Corlet to provide a complete solution for the specialised needs and coaches and trainers. Visit or contact for more information