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What happened to the CARE factor?

07 March 2011

I was chatting to a few friends the other day about some exceptional customer service that I received at a restaurant and about how rare it is to be on the receiving end of such great service. Service from someone that wants to be there! Someone with a genuine smile! Someone that shows they care! We then went on to talk about how today it seems to be that most places across the board do not deliver exceptional service. Granted, you do get some good service here and there but not a lot of great service.

If we go back to the basics with communication, 55% of our communication is in body language, 38% in the tone of our voice and 7% in the words that we use. Many forget that they have said so much before they have even uttered a word. When we are speaking on the phone 82% is said to be in the tone of our voice and the remaining 18% the words - so the way we say hello speaks volumes!

Now why is this important? I believe that the care factor is directly linked to the way that we communicate and thus the level of service received by our clients. Your business and my business exists because of our clients. Our clients pay our bills, enable us to employ people, provide us with our profits. Our clients enable us to exist - without them we would not be! So let us ask the following questions: Why are we in business? Do we care? Should we care?

As a client I say yes you should care across all levels within your business whether it is retail, hospitality, commercial or healthcare etc. As a small business owner it is the care factor that I believe sets me apart. What sets you apart? Do you have the care factor across all areas of your business?