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Weird and Wonderful

06 February 2014

Whether it’s a marketing ploy or promotional stunt, being weird and wonderful sure gets a business noticed. It requires entrepreneurs and innovators to think outside the box by challenging conventional methods of communication, stepping out of the mundane by sparking interest and excitement. The key is to find simple, fun and memorable ways to catch people’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Richard Branson, dubbed the ‘undisputed king’ of publicity stunts, is a prime example of weird and wonderful at its finest. His fearless approach of going to extreme lengths to gain attention, like dressing up as an air stewardess or attempting to break records, has rewarded his companies with the watchful eye of the spotlight, proving that using humour can be an attractive feature for a business through a friendly and fun outlook that makes them relatable and creates discussion and excitement.

Many businesses use the internet for such means of communication as it provides a global platform that lends itself to creative freedom that can be easily accessed with a click of a button. Others like to experiment with everyday interactions to create real life experiences and events for their customers. They all share a common dominator however, which is to use a unique and fun method of carrying out a message that will be sure to leave an impact.

Entrepreneurs and innovators who invest in these weird and wonderful ways to ensure their business stands out from the crowd, help foster creativity and new ways of thinking. Therefore, Networking WA will be hosting the Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards on the 7th of May 2014, to provide an opportunity for their creative efforts and achievements to be recognised and rewarded. So please visit to submit a nomination.