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Want to be a Pro at Digital Marketing? Start by using SEO for your Blog Content!

06 September 2018

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for digital content marketers. When you optimize your website or blog page; they start to appear among the top most results of search engines (such as Google). This makes your page viewable to the greatest number of people when they search using a keyword or product associated with your site.

But things aren’t as simple and pretty as they sound, especially with Google’s tricky algorithm and the zillion numbers of websites -- each trying their best to get customers to visit their site. But thankfully for you, there are companies that provide all the help you need regarding SEO in Sydney. SEO North Sydney Pty Ltd is one such reputed and leading web designing company that offers SEO packages to businesses throughout the greater part of Sydney. But in case you want to know how SEO works, well here are some tips and techniques that you can start off with.

  •  5 Tips to SEO your Blog/Website Content:

To be honest, the best and assured way of applying SEO techniques to your website is to hand over the responsibility to professionals. Companies providing SEO services have highly skilled and experienced professionals. With their correct SEO strategy, they will make sure that you land up on the first page of multiple Google searches. But before approaching any such company, you should learn the basic knowhow of the SEO world.

·    Focus on only 1-2 long tail keywords: Stuffing as many keywords as you can to your blog post doesn’t make for a good reading experience; neither does it do you any good for your sole purpose of higher ranking. So, it’s best to concentrate on longer tailed one or two keywords that will keep your blog post focused towards your audience requirements.

·    Include Keywords in the Right Place: Along with incorporating the correct keywords, it is of utmost importance that you include them in the appropriate places, namely the four essential ones. These are the title tag, headers and body, URL, and finally, the Meta description.

·    Make the Blog Mobile-Friendly: Are you aware of the fact that people use a search engine more from their mobile phones than they do from their computers? And among all those million results, Google displays the mobile friendly ones first. So, it’s a must that you make your blog or website mobile-friendly using responsive design a.k.a. two URLS, one for the desktop and other for the mobiles. Pretty cool, huh?

·    Optimize the Meta Description and your Images’ Alt Text: The Meta description is the additional text that appears to give the viewers an idea about what the page is all about. The max length of this is 300 characters which should be used to the fullest advantage to include the long tail keyword. Make it reader-friendly, which will ultimately make the reader decide whether to click on it or not. Also include images in your blog along with alt text that will help the search engine to know what the image is about and hence rank it accordingly in the results.

·    Link Internally: Inbound links are very crucial as they help the search engine to estimate the relevance and validity of your site’s content. Also, linking one page of your website to another is super helpful.

These were few of the thumb rules that you can apply to make your website or blog come up on the first page of search engine results. But if you want to make a grand entry into the SEO world, and make sure to leave behind an impression, hire web design professionals. Order your own SEO package, and voila you will have clear results in no time.