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The most stylish places in Sydney to meet clients when you work from home.

05 February 2019

Every client loves to experience the “Wow factor” with their supplier. The client-supplier relationship is based on meeting the requirements of the Service Level Agreement. However, a greater sense of loyalty can be earned simply by tapping into the experience that the client desires.

The first thing any client will notice is the immediate environment around them. Even though you may have a professional office setup in your workspace at home, it will never compare to the professional aesthetics and appeal of a meeting room in a commercial space.

There are a few meeting rooms in Sydney that offer the professional corporate aesthetics that’s needed to wow your clients. Below are a few that you can consider.

Meeting rooms with beachside views - Beachside Function Room at The Sebel

Everybody loves a view. And the majority of people would love to enjoy looking out to a beach view. This meeting room provides clients with the experience of being able to work professionally with a great view of the beach. They can also choose to make the meeting a greater experience simply by extending their stay so that they will make the most of their meeting and leisure time in the area.

There is a bar in the venue, should you choose to make the meeting more informal. And catering is also offered.

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Views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Forbes Room at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel.

Something that will leave your clients in awe is if they have the opportunity to have a meeting within viewing distance of a famous landmark. When it comes to Australian icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most recognisable landmarks.

Choose to host intimate meetings with fewer than 8 guests, or to a larger audience of up to 75.

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Grazing experience in The Main Room at Creeks and Cellars.

Another option is to appeal to the sense of taste while you are meeting with your clients. Creeks and Cellars offer grazing platters at their meeting facilities. Your clients can enjoy a range of olives and cheeses, whilst you engage with them in your meeting.

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Chic experience in Darling Harbour in The Orange Room at the Novatel.

Darling Harbour is one of the most famous areas in Sydney. The meeting room at the Novatel offers a chic, modern & luxurious experience. Teas, coffees and lunches are available on a per person package.

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All of these options are inexpensive options and will improve the overall experience that you will provide to the client. And the experience can be tailored to the interests of your client, which will build the rapport between you and your client. This should see the value of your relationship increase in the future.