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The Good, the Bad and the Weird: my week as a Superstar

12 April 2011

Okay so I couldn’t put it off any longer as you lot out there didn’t leap in to sponsor me and save me from dressing up as a guy in drag for the Fitted for Work Fashion Challenge. 

Here are a few highlights of my week as the irrepressibly overdressed Dame Edna or as one unkind friend said, a-way-past her use-by-date queen.

·        Picking up my grandchildren from school.  Of course they are not fussed as they think dressing up is normal.  Mind you the teachers and other parents look a touch taken back when I wander into the classroom in my floor length beaded number, pink gloves, purple wig, etc. 

·        At the Fitted for Work Board meeting my colleagues admit they can’t take me seriously in this guise.  Who says that appearances don’t matter.

·        One of my fellow students in the Yiddish class was once Barry Humphries musical director and says I’m a dead ringer for her old boss.

·        I play Super hostess - I dare you to try cooking in a boa and gloves.  Even our Israeli guest knows of Australia’s most infamous Dame. 

A couple of times during the week I was specifically asked not to appear as the Glam Dame as certain people (whose names I won’t mention) wanted the attention all to themselves.  Tut-tut. 

In fact I try to do everything I would normally do - even to walking around the Botanical Gardens. 

Heaps of people want their photo taken with me and there are plenty of  “Hey Edna’s”  from the tradies.

But possums there are downsides to this Superstar game. My poor feet will probably never recover. Those shoes ain’t made for walking.  And that blasted wig, falling all over the face so that you can barely see. The boa sheds continuously and either chokes you or falls off.   I could go on …