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The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

07 March 2011

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

The SEVEN DEADLY SINS of social media from The Chief Rabbit's perspective, or what you shouldn't be doing in social media.


The sin of Anger. Sometimes you get those people who are just out and out rude to you on social networks whether is is slamming your product or service on your company Facebook page, sending out rude tweets or answering a question you've asked on LinkedIn so that you sound like an idiot, they are out there. Rule one DON\"T get angry about it, well ok let's rephrase that, you can get angry, but don't post an angry/aggressive response. At the end of the day everyone knows that there are idiots out there, by not responding back to them in the same tone they used you are the one winning!


The sin of excess. Hopefully this is obvious to you, it's all about SPAMMING. Spamming is really just sending information in excess to people, DON'T it is annoying. Yes you need to remind people, but don't send the same thing over and over again, take the hint that if they didn't respond the 10th time they are unlikely to respond on the 11th or 12th time....


This is all about failure to utilise one's gifts, or being lazy. Look at someone liking your Facebook Page or following you on Twitter as a gift, how can you utilise that? People posting comments or replying to your tweets, or retweeting are a gift, say \"thank you\" to them. That is how you are going to build the trust and relationship with those people which will ultimately benefit your business. So respond, let people know that you are interested and proactive.


Think that social media is a fad? A flash in the pan? Don't want to get your hands dirty with it? Customers are fine as long as I don't don't have to talk to them? In this day and age not getting involved in the social media conversation is not an option. Even if you are just listening to what people are saying about you, that is a start. Don't think you are above talking or interacting with customers, you are NOT, no one in any organisation is from the CEO to the reception person.


The sin of physical desire or as I like to say lusting after another person's/company's followers. Remember that social media is all about putting in the work and building the relationships, you can sit there and moan all you like about how your friend has so many more followers than you, but it isn't going to change anything - Get out there and start building those relationships and interacting it will give results.


It's hard, and I am guilty of this one, but try not to compare your social media campaign's performance against another social campaign that you can't compete with, eg you have local cafe and compare that to Starbucks... They probably spend ten times what your cafe does in sales in one year just on social media marketing resources. Also remember that there is no one size fits all for social media, so just because another cafe got a certain response does not automatically mean you will, there are a lot of variables, because social media is NOT a standalone activity it should be integrated with the rest of your marketing.


Break the info/facts/text you post/tweet/write into bite size chunks - don't try to get the whole cake in your mouth (or theirs). When people see lots of text in a paragraph it turns them off reading, if they see it in bullet points they are more likely to read it. If you can feed them pictures as well as text people like that, they are often easier to get a quick understanding from.

So now you know what I see as the 7 deadly sins...