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Technology in Events

07 April 2016

Technology is rapidly evolving with countless apps, products and websites created daily. Making use of such trends in the event industry not only assists in increasing event efficiency but also in keeping audiences and attendees engaged in an event. The top current trends include:

  1. Mobile event applications

Many applications have been produced to be used by both event planners and  event attendees. Much of the development is focused around replacing existing processes, such as replacing paper event programs, agendas, attendee lists, exhibition guides and tickets. The lifespan of an event may also be extended through app engagement.

  1. Location-based interactions (e.g. iBeacon)

iBeacon technology was introduced in late 2013 but has only recently gained a great amount of popularity. When integrated with an event’s official app, Beacons can be used to improve an attendees journey and assisting with activities such as registration, participation, networking and navigation. Why not also check out the Everythere app.

  1. Payment Technology

Online payment technologies have been in existence for a few years. Although since that Apple has developed ‘Pay’ for the iPhone it’s popularity has grown. By implementing such systems in an event, there is the opportunity to gain more in-event purchases.

  1. Drones

Ariel video and photo are providing a new perspective for event photography and incredible promotional videos can result. Drones have even been used to replace event staff, such as at the OppiKoppi music festival in South Africa where cold beverages were delivered to 150 guests.

Have you seen any new technology at events? Let us know!