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So what if we can't have it all?

07 March 2011

I'm regularly asked the question, 'How do you do it all?' My response is: 'Who said I fit it all in?' My kids probably think I'm a lousy mother, and my dog definitely claims he is neglected!

Even if I don't have a lot of time, I do make sure I focus on being in the moment. There is no point yearning to be somewhere else or playing the guilt game.

From a business perspective, work out what is really important, what you are best at, and get help with the rest.

As women, perpetuating the myth that we have to 'do it all' does everyone a disservice. As founder of a profitable business entering its tenth year, it does not help the younger generation of businesswomen if I say that starting RedBalloon as a mother of two young children was easy and I 'did it all'.

The success of RedBalloon has been largely about me getting out of my own way and building a great team who share my vision (changing gifting in Australia forever by delivering amazing experiential gifts) and helping make it a reality each and every day.

My advice: get clear on your personal definition of success. It could be the corner office, millions in the bank, and a string of polo ponies. Or it may be married with three children, a house, and enough disposable income to take an overseas holiday once every two years.

My point: success is different to everybody and until you have your own definition of it, you'll probably flounder wondering why you 'can't do it all'. It's not about doing and having it all, it's about understanding what your 'all' is and staying true to it.