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Ruby women thinking outside the square

11 June 2014

The end of the performance review

Conversations displace reviews

Held by AIM in Sydney, this recent seminar on ‘the value of the performance review and where to next’, featured people and management expert Dr Tim Baker on the mike.

Tim, managing director Winners at Work, asks:

Are performance reviews outdated and ineffective? What could replace them?

Would it be more beneficial to have regular developmental conversations with staff?

How could those conversations enhance workplace efficiency and improve your relationship with your team?

Tim specialises in assisting managers develop productive workplace cultures and does not believe performance reviews draw the best out of people. Instead, he has established his Five Conversations Framework, which develops rather than appraises people.

The Five Conversations is based on five conversations between the manager and each of his or her reports over a six month period. Each of these five conversations need only last 10 minutes.

The conversations are spread out over six months and involve questions that help assess a person’s job satisfaction, etc.; development needs; innovation in the business; personal performance and standards; career direction.

Diversity rules on Opera stage

Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi is a shy British woman who rocks on electric guitar. “One Breath” is Anna’s second album and that was where she concentrated her recent Sydney concert held in the Joan Sutherland Theatre in the Sydney Opera House.  What’s inspiring is seeing a woman play and sing better than all the men who have hogged the rock space for too long.

Monica Lewinsky – a different angle

Monica Lewinsky totes

Does anyone remember The Real Monica, Inc.?

It was a range of handbags by Monica Lewinsky, which was launched in 2003 and which came about, according to something Lewinsky let drop at the time, because she learned to knit and sew during her long periods of lockdown following that incident with the President and the resulting legal battles.

Recently, Lewinsky’s totes (which were made in various shades of sofa brown) have been undergoing a bit of a revival on e-bay.

Now 40, Monica is also experiencing ‘an-interest’ resurgence. She has written a piece for Vanity Fair on what it is like to be her. In it, among other things, she reveals that landing the right job for the right reason, is virtually impossible. Potential employers invariably refer to her ‘history’ and it continues as they say in the classics to “queer the pitch” for her.

Why then after years of silence - Monica went off the radar in around 2005 – has she returned to the public spotlight?

There’s some talk it’s linked to a tell-all book she’s said to have been shopping around, and the not inconsequential marketing opportunity the upcoming 2016 US run for Presidency might provide it.

One last thought

 Cats and burgers


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