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Ruby recommends Surgihoney, bees, permaculture, and big dreams

13 February 2014

 bee in flight

Bee business

Bees are on everyone’s lips lately. Not literally but the CSIRO has begun world-first research tagging bees to follow and monitor their behaviour in the wild. Any changes to the ways bees behave, because they are so social and predictable, indicates a change in their environment and that could well be an early warning system for us.

On Poverty Matters, one of the Guardian’s free information sites, this piece on ‘super honey’ as the bees' knees for wounds and infections also caught our eye.

Surgihoney (as it’s called) is cost-effective and speeds healing of hard-to-treat injuries. The honey’s natural antibacterial properties have been boosted and a study concludes: “As a wound treatment in the tropics, [Surgihoney] is an ideal, low-technology solution which is easily stored, applied and ought to be cost-effective.” (It also does not need to be refrigerated.)


Cultivate for mankind

Permaculture, long known for working closely with insects, especially bees, is just a click away. You can do a complete permaculture design course with Larry Korn, America’s leading permaculture authority. The complete 72+ hour permaculture design course is free along with interviews on sustainable living and intentional community design from some of the world’s great educators and experts in their field. The goal is to take permaculture mainstream, which means making the knowledge available to people around the world without barriers.

Real life courses and events

WeTeachMe is Collaborative Consumption at work in the knowledge exchange game. TIME Magazine calls Collaborative Consumption one of the 10 ideas that will change the world. But the thing about collaborative consumption is that it thrives on critical mass.

WeTeachMe is an Australian community marketplace for listing, discovering and booking ‘in-person’ courses.

Course providers, can grow revenue, save time and reduce costs by automating the entire administration and booking process. Course seekers, can readily and easily find and book courses.

Shar moore

Getting through business failure

Three years ago around this time, 40,000 homes and thousands of businesses were lost in the Queensland floods. Ruby member Shar Moore (pictured above) had two retail businesses badly affected by the devastation. Bankruptcy was on the cards but she refused to accept the scenario. Shar built relationships with the suppliers she owed money to, formulated a plan and worked through the rough patch to go from (as she puts it) “broke to BMW, in 18 months”.

“Most business owners run and hide from the people to whom they owe money. My advice is talk with your suppliers. Don’t hide as that just makes them mad. Tell them your plans and what you can afford to pay and when,” advises Shar.

Her other strategies include:

• Think of ways you can move the excess stock by contacting your top clients and offering them a discount.

• Find businesses that share your target market and see how you can work closely together to deliver

• Create a Vision Board. Visualising what you want in life is such a powerful tool

• Have a Mentor. Everyone needs someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and that you know has your back.

Want to secure her book, or look at her 12-month online course, visit

Do you have nightmares?

For the average person in an average position, most bad dreams relate to the levels of anxiety and stress they are experiencing personally and/or at work. A recent article in The Guardian reported on a study about people’s nightmares and the unexpected differences experienced by men and women. It seems we dream differently. Women dream about relationships and fights; men face plagues, disaster and war – alone.