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Reasons Why Different Country Has Different Power Adapters

21 June 2021

Why do different countries have different power adapters? Read to discover the reason behind it.

When electric systems and electricity were first being introduced into the countries nothing was standard. As the country started producing electricity for its people some things became a regional standard.

Today, it is still the same way. The reason behind why there is no universal standard is because electricity and the systems that provide the power have been fine with what they have including the outlet designs that go with them.

In the UK the electrical wiring to a house is 220 at 50 Hz and in the states, it is 110 and 60 Hz. How the building is wired is also different and safer in the UK. There isn't a worldwide panel of standards for it like say for computer standards with USB design.

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It is regional and there are some standards worldwide but the voltage amount, phase, and frequency between them is a little different between regions. For example, you cannot use your EU plug in a UK outlet just like you cannot use it in an outlet in Japan or the US. That’s why you get a universal power adaptor when you travel to another country.