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Raise your income by raising your social Klout.

24 December 2018

It seems like anybody that is a success in this era has some kind of social Klout that they can use to their advantage. In the past, this type of klout was only reserved celebrities in television, movies, music, the arts or sports. However with the rapid growth of social networks, people are creating their own social klout as bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters who can tap into an audience that shares the same interests as them.

The great thing about this klout is that you don’t need to have millions of people knowing your name. You only need an audience of at least 10,000 people sharing an interest in what you have to offer. You can then leverage your klout for your own commercial opportunities.

Here are some tactics that you can use to raise and monetise your social klout.

Publish content on thought-leadership.

You can choose to share your points of view on a certain topic. People will be interested in hearing a well-constructed argument and an opinion on a topic where both you and the person in the audience share a common interest.

You will find that people will ‘tune-in’ to what you have to share with your audience. There are a number of people that have successfully implemented this model already, such as Joe Rogan and Derral Eaves, who publish thought-leadership content in their industries. They have the opportunity to monetise their published content by selling advertising space, merchandise or their own digital products.

When self-publishing, keep the following things in mind.

  • Always publish content with an interesting headline and image thumbnail.

  • Give people what they want. Don’t ramble or create more noise.

  • Check your site’s content for spelling and grammar errors.

  • Maintain future checks for plagiarism. You can use this plagiarism checker.

How can you get started?

It depends on the platform that you would like to get started on. You need to identify the platforms that people in your niche or industry are using. You then need to serve the content to them in the format they will easily digest it in. This might be in the form of a podcast or in the form of a video.

One thing that you should always do is publish the content in the form of a web page or blog post on a website that you own. This will allow you to own the content and allow people to discover your content through web searches and promotions.

What are some of the first steps that you should take?

Commit to publishing content.

You ideally want to publish once a day. You will then learn and refine the content that you are producing so that people will engage with you.

Commit to a social channel.

This could be platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or another social network. However, your target audience needs to be active and engaged on that channel.

Develop a funnel that will allow you to build your audience.

The larger your engaged audience, the more opportunities you will have to be successful when monetising your web content.

Once you have successfully implemented these, experiment with different monetisation models such as affiliate, product sales, merchandising, consulting and advertising to see which model performs best.