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Pick your (personal) Exit Strategy....

26 September 2012

Reading this \"Pick your Exit Strategy\" article in the Weekend Australian on Sunday had me reflecting on how much input I want to have in my own personal Exit Strategy...

oHow planned do I want to be?

oHow much easier do I want to make it for my nearest and dearest?

oIs it actually making it easier, if I plan what I want and how?

oIs it really about shielding others, or being in control for one last time?

oWho knows?

I'm definitely a big one for Estate Planning, as I think that is only fair given I am the solo parent. But how far does that go? How far should it go?

As far as I need to is my conclusion.

When sitting in front of Katerina Peiros from Hartwell Legal (whose speciality is Estate Planning) and have her ask me questions that were really quite tough to answer… made me realise that I have to be the one doing the answering because I’m the only one who can! 

I have subsequently sat down with the 14-year-old and discussed my brilliant and cunning plan☺, and we’ve tweaked it slightly, but overall she was pleased too. I know she appreciates the fact that it’s stuff she doesn’t have to deal with yet, but at least it’s sorted if the unforeseeable occurred.

How ready are you if the event-which-shall-not-be-named was to occur?


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  • Patricia Shergis

    Patricia Shergis 7 years ago

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