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Passionate about your work - it's a serious worry!

07 March 2011

You keep tossing in your sleep at night. You can't think straight. Your body temperature is always switched onto superhot.

Shivering with excitement, endorphins pumping, sweaty armpits, face aglow, brain fogged, thoughts swirling.

Yeah, you're aroused and it's because you're about to step through those big glass doors and head for your fabulously thrilling ... desk.

That's right - you're passionate about ... your job.

Everyday you jump out of the shower, fling on your alluring corporate clobber. Feverish with excitement you sprint as fast as your trembling legs can take you to the ... office. In a state of emotional overload and heightened anticipation, that is, passion, you set to ... work?

As soon as you're there you leap onto the photocopier, claw the filing cabinet, kiss your computer - PLEEEEZE .

I had better stop before I get into areas where bloggers on the Ruby Connection cannot go, but where passion surely does.

Admit it - if you were passionate at work, at best you'd be sacked and more likely carted off to the loony bin.

I am SO over this alleged infatuation with work.

At a recent seminar I attended the presenter sizzled. She spouted the passion word 174 times - yep I kept count. The ardour at my table was positively incendiary. L was passionate about Aged Care, M totally and absolutely passionate about PR and G crazily passionate for Data Management.

I rest my case.

Warning: I will not employ anyone who fervently tells me how passionate they are about the job.

Here are some of the things I'm looking for:






And most of all Competence.

Keep that passion where it's meant to be - in the bedroom.