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Modern business travel and technology

27 August 2014

Working while traveling is easier than ever. The increase in available technology making the office just a click away, while the stresses and adjustments for business travelling are made easier by mobile technology.

App support provides greater resources to the average mobile businessperson. Sitting at the office on a server-connected desktop computer to access the files and information needed to get your work done is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Availability & Affordability of Technology

Not only are there more technologies supporting the ease of travel and information, there are more people using them as well. Smart devices such as phones and tablets expand connectivity. Businesses are also taking advantage of these products due to their usability and, above all, reliability.

For today’s working traveller, isharing information between locations when the existing network is fully integrated to the latest ways of sharing files, projects, etc. makes everyhting simpler.

Adapting to a Flexible Lifestyle

Today's modern business traveller has greater expectations placed on them by the workplace. They are expected to be readily available to speak with staff at the office, provide real-time communication as to what's happening on-site, and keep management in the loop about tasks. In addition, a business person working remotely should be able to access safely all the materials necessary for completing the job at hand.

GPS and work laptops connected to the company network, as well as cell phones and tablets make this easier.

Keeping in Touch On-the-Go

The logistics of travel, including flights, flight changes, hotel reservations, and directions, are much easier to track and alter.

The mobile business person is finding greater gains outside the office and higher productivity

Check out this infographic for more ways that today's business traveller stays ahead.