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Marketing Authentically to niches

22 November 2011

In business as in life, one can only make a true connection if it is done authentically.  Have a genuine bond based on a foundation of trust and understanding with your client, partner or friend and you have a solid framework for that relationship to blossom.  In our personal lives this leaves us with lifelong friends and passionate partners but in business we are rewarded with loyal customers, respect from our peers and financial success.

The importance of authenticity in business is never as important as when you are talking to a niche market.  This is a focused, targetable portion of the market to whom you are addressing a need for a product or service that mainstream providers may not.  Fed up with a one-size-fits-all approach, the rewards are plentiful when you can capture the heart of your niche.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your job is to really connect with your niche.  You’re going to need to get real, get raw and get N.A.K.E.D, figuratively speaking!  Through this acronym you can find your own unique gift and flavour which brings potency to your message, your journey and your experiences.

N - Niche, know it!

To stand out in your industry, you need to know your niche so you know who you’re talking to.  What are their buying habits, their hobbies, likes and dislikes?   Identify their unique needs and look for ways to tailor your product or service to them.

A - Authentic, be it!

Don’t just pretend to understand what your clients want, understand why.  Being genuine and real with your clients will see you win time and time again.   

K – Konnected, work it!

Working with your niche is the best way to connect with them.  Get connected with your niche on such a level that trust is created and you are being really real.  It's imperative for you to speak their language and approach them as an understanding member of that group, not an outsider

E – Expression, share it!

When sharing your message, don’t hold back what you think.  To make your relationships stronger and more congruent, share what’s inside outside.  We often keep things to ourselves in the belief we are protecting others feelings when most often it’s the fake stuff that’s hurtful.

D- Direction, have it!

You need to have clarity on how to take that next step forward. The use of a business coach or mentor is often that wall you need to bounce ideas off and to steer you back on track if you’re off pitch.  

So now you’re naked, how do you feel?  Exposed?  Vulnerable?  Perfect!  You’re now ready to reposition yourself as the authority in your field and make an authentic connection with your niche.  Being authentic, just like being naked, can sometimes be a little scary.  But you’ve just made the first step on your journey to brilliance!




  • Ann Margulis

    Ann Margulis 7 years ago

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  • Michelle Hanton

    Michelle Hanton 8 years ago

    Very true - I have shared the article on my FB page

  • Amanda Booth

    Amanda Booth 8 years ago

    Some great info here Carren, thank you!

  • Astrid Varga

    Astrid Varga 8 years ago

    Great points Carren, thank you for bringing the human element back into business.