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Manipulation & NLP

15 May 2013

an essential model for all areas of life.

NLP’s success story is accompanied by continued confusion: solution-oriented psychotherapy and counselling, life and business coaching, seminars for esoterics, training in sales/business and administration and training for medical practitioners, politicians, consultants, teachers and service providers, as well as public/motivational speakers and stage hypnotists, often appear under the "NLP" banner.

Even NLP trained entertainers contribute to the confusion the public holds about what NLP is.

Much of the accusations directed towards NLP is, that NLP a manipulating tool.

Yes, and so it is! NLP skills/tools give participants the power to manipulate others.

Manipulation is something that we do since we were born. We always want to get our point across, and get what we want.

Children are a perfect example of brilliant manipulators. ‘Dad, you didn’t give me the lolly, so you don’t love me.” Or, ‘Mum, if Inlp manipulation can go out until 10 pm, I can do my home-work tomorrow’ (with a look of innocence).

Sounds familiar?

Even your dog, wanting that extra treat, will know how to look at you with big puppy eyes to get what it wants.

When we get older and mature, we may be using our in-built NLP skills to manipulate less overtly. We may have refined our manipulation skills over time, consciously or unconsciously.

If we haven’t, then we may feel the need to violently attack someone to vent our anger/frustration.

Learning NLP gives us the opportunity to ‘deal’ with all kinds of situations to achieve our goals.

Depending on our ethical composition, we may use NLP for our own benefit only and at any cost, or we will use it to create win/win outcomes. The latter is, of course, the most preferred option, and if anyone uses it to benefit only them and at all cost, then this would be the direction they would choose with or without NLP; don’t you think so?

Evina Hameeteman

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