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Making your business stand out in social media

07 March 2011

Hello, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media

I often get asked what do I do to make my Facebook Page/LinkedIn profile/YouTube channel etc standout and be interesting. It all comes back to marketing, remember social media is not a strange species from outer space, but just another way to reach your audience.

Last week I was down in Hobart and visited the Salamanca Markets, there are about 100 stalls there, with a lot selling Tasmanian food. My favourite stall was a lolly stall which had a pink awning, pink signage inside the stall and the lady serving was in a pink gingham outfit (as per the image left). There were probably 5 other stalls selling lollies, but this lady had found a way to stand out and be memorable in the customer's mind.

Social media and online marketing is the same as offline marketing, you just need to use a bit of imagination to stand out, don't just do what everyone else is doing, instead be different, be a Purple Cow!

I know what you're thinking, how can I do that with my Facebook page? no one will see if I am dressed in pink gingham while posting.... Yes true, so I have listed below some suggestions to get you going:

The profile picture on your Facebook page doesn't have to be just your logo make it more exciting! Remember you can change this as often as you want, look at Google, they change their home page image depending on events that are on, the time of year or just because they feel like it, you to can do this.

Make your Facebook page welcome tab stand out and be attractive to entice people in, and again don't think it has to stay the same, if you create your own welcome tab then you can change it as often as you like.

Look at how you can have some fun in your business, for example at Social Rabbit I am The Chief Rabbit and will wear rabbit ears when making my YouTube videos, which really makes me stand out from the crowd, and I get away with it because social media is a fun interactive industry. Think about what you could do in your business with social media.

If you use Twitter, choose to do the same thing regularly, if you are a regular on Twitter you probably know that lots of people tweet out #followfriday on Friday's, which basically gives a shout out to people they think you might be interested in following, why not start your own shout out, for example, if you own a restaurant have fish Friday with fish recipes or tips

Do something memorable regularly, like posting a funny video on a Friday. Look at places like YouTube for videos and link to those, become known as the place to watch funny videos and pick up tips on x

On LinkedIn why not make your summary stand out, write in an amusing way, or add a video that has you telling people about you, remember if you don't tell them they won't know.

Standing out from the crowd has two key ingredients:

CONSISTENCY: Be consistent, the reason that people stand out wherever they are whether it is on or off line is because they are consistent, this lady is at the markets every week dressed like this. I wear my rabbit ears in every video I make. If you consistently keep being different you will be remembered.

DIFFERENCE: Be different, just because you consistently post on Twitter it doesn't mean you will stand out, you need to find something that you can do that will make people say \"oh yes, I know you you do ....\" That way you will be memorable, not just another face in the crowd.