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Keeping Promises Builds Your Reputation

07 March 2011

In these busy times many people do not deliver on their promises, as often there is too much to do and too little time to do it! By neglecting to keep communication open, they do not realise that their trust and credibility plummets in the mind of the potential customer or client. And once trust and credibility is lost you risk losing a whole lot more. For example - the person who has been neglected or mistreated won't refer others to your business as they don't feel confident that you can be relied upon to look after one of their friends, clients or customers. Furthermore, they'll often tell others about any poor service or products they have received.

So, why do people over-promise and under deliver?

From my observations, I believe that most people have good intentions and sincerely desire to build positive reputations. Most of us aim to have happy clients and customers which, in turn, give us a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Problems can develop during interaction with clients and customers whenever communication is done verbally. If most of the details are not written down we tend to forget them during our day-to-day activities, consequently, many are forgotten, lost or misconstrued. When the time comes for following up on the enquiry, quote (or whatever) the pressure of trying to recall specific information can cause mind-blocks. This situation leads to further stress and frustration and is very time consuming - hence the idea of \"putting it off\" until our mind clears makes sense at the time.

Eliminate Forgetfulness easily...

Anyone can quickly eliminate forgetfulness by developing the habit of writing notes in a diary during or after verbal interactions. Notes act as a refresher assisting us recall details and bring specifics to mind - a valuable tool in business and customer/client relations. At the end of the day (or whenever) we can refer to our diary and take action. Research shows that 50-60 thousand thoughts run through the human mind each day! Obviously, we can't be expected to remember every detail of our customers and clients, so it pays to make written notes after a conversation, sale or appointment.

Here are my eight tips for building a positive reputation:

Answer emails and phone calls in a professional and friendly manner

Write and speak clearly and precisely about your products and services

Keep appointments and arrive on time

Be presentable and dress appropriately for the occasion

Turn your mobile phone off after arrival (unless an emergency call is expected)

Focus your attention on the needs of your client/customer

Listen, respond and ask clarifying questions

Follow up with contact to gauge customer/client satisfaction.

Vanessa Bonnette is an author, qualified counsellor and life coach. You can contact Vanessa by phone on 6645 1136. For more information, please visit