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International Trade Tips

01 August 2012


The promotional products industry on the international stage suffered in the Global Financial Crises in much the same way as many other industries did, according to The Kanga Group’s Managing Director, Annalise Law. She also notes that Australia, and more specifically her promotional marketing products business, bucked that trend. 

“For the past four years, The Kanga Group has undergone substantial, sustainable growth – 100 percent year on year. Our story is a good one: we have overseas offices and very robust systems. We’ve invested heavily in technology to manage the logistics, sales, supply, CRM, etc, needed to run an international operation. People seem to find our going ‘international’ the most interesting and risky step. In the past year we’ve shipped more than 4 million items to 32 countries – it’s what we do. I actually have an import export business with incredible customer service,” says Annalise, explaining her company’s ongoing international and local success.

Annalise, who grew up attending overseas promotion trade shows with her parents for their family business, now goes every year for her own business: “We attend two show types. Ideas came from America and Europe. Their shows were for innovation and China’s for replication.”

Annalise’s hot tip though is that’s all changing: “The really innovative products and ideas are coming from China, now. I’ll be attending the shows with a complete change of focus – China’s the place.”