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Inspire your Clients into working with you, here's how in 3 simple Steps

07 March 2011

How you describe what you do can either be totally inspiring for your potential clients in which case they will WANT to work with you and often excitedly say \"this is exactly what I need right now\" or it can leave them confused and in a way 'turned off'. Let me share with you my three step formula for inspiring your potential clients into working with you.

Here's the secret: Give them back their hope that their desires can be fulfilled. Move their dreams within reach.

Clients become clients because they have a problem that you can solve. Your task is to convince them that you can help them. Most people take that to mean talk about your solution. And that's a big mistake. People aren't ready to hear it yet. Instead, take them on a journey with an inspiring story. And here is how it goes:

1. Let them know you truly understand their problem

This is the first and THE most important step. If you miss this the rest won't work. Tell them how you either have been in the situation they are in now or how you have observed the problem many times in people around you and how it really bothered you.

2. Tell them that you solved the problem and how it is now

Tap into your potential clients' dreams. Inspire them by sharing with them your new reality which is everything your potential clients want. Knowing that you have just that now is much more inspiring to them than your 'how to' description.

3. Mention that you have a simple step by step solution

Only now do you allude to the fact that from your experience you have designed a step by step system that reliably creates the results your clients want. You don't even have to tell them what they step are, if they truly are your ideal client, they will be hanging on every word you are saying by now and will ask \"How?\". Voila, someone is getting ready to engage your services.

Very elegant, don't you think? Incidentally, I happen to have a step by step system to create this kind of message that makes it really easy to inspire your clients, no matter what your business. Because as you can imagine, how exactly you tell your story in these three stages makes a big difference to your results. The beauty of it is, that doing this also helps you to clarify in your own mind what it is you do. Which is very inspiring for YOU.

I took all my platinum clients through. Watch their excitement as they get it really clear in their mind what they do and how to communicate that to their clients.

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  • Michelle Hanton

    Michelle Hanton 9 years ago

    Great article Yvonne :)