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Importance of time clocks for employers and employees of small business

30 July 2021

As indicated by the work normalization act, the organization's supervisor should keep records of worker's functioning hours. To tackle this, the time clock is useful. Look at this guide on time clock, its benefits, impediments and timekeeping rules, etc.

A period clock is a gadget that is utilized to track worker's work hours when they check all through the work. In this gadget, either a timecard is embedded, or you need to press a catch. At the point when a representative does either, the gadget records the registration and registration time thusly the worker participation is recorded. A representative should be actually present at the gadget to register and out of the gadget. Various kinds of time check machines are accessible out there that are utilized to make representative timesheets just as finance.

Any business flourishes when there is perfect transparency between the staff and the employers or the owners. The transparency about the working hours, work performed, amount of salary received and so on. Earlier, attendance management was a manual job, but with technological intervention, you can find a number of software and other tools which are automated and makes the tasks of attendance management easy.

online timecard system online timecard system

What are the timeclock types?

Before you settle your mind to buy a simple time clock for small businesses, you should be familiar with different types of time clocks. Basically, time clocks come in a wide range of types and styles to meet the different requirements of a company. Here, we are going to highlight the types of a simple time clock for small businesses for your better understanding. Let's have a look: Card punch Biometric timeclock Web-based Proximity Pin entry Key fob The above-mentioned clock types are responsible for maintaining accurate records in small businesses, and they also help in protecting against potential lawsuits as well as payroll audits. Most importantly, time clocks are essential in small businesses, as it saves more money than it costs. time clocks Aussie time clocks

One such popular tool is Aussie time clocks. These clocks collect all the data, right from entering time to exiting time. Also, help in calculating the payroll depending on the working hours of any particular employee.

There is an effective solution that can help in efficient tracking and management of employees’ working hours in a timely manner. A simple time clock for small business comes with advanced features with biometric devices. Also, a timeclock can help in tracking the GPS location of any employee and record how much time employees are spending on their work for which they are being paid.

This process helps build a solid trust between the employer and employee, which can be a great development in building a roaring business. Due to the Aussie time clocks, the employer can have a complete track record for a month of any particular employee anytime he wishes. And the worker can get to know the perfect combination of the hours he worked and the payment he received.

Technology Is Changing the Way We Work, There are many benefits that one can get by installing the Aussie time clocks. After reading Aussie time clocks' benefits, you will agree that installing these time clocks is always a good idea.

Here is the list of advantages that the installation of Aussie time clocks can gain.

# No need for monitoring # No need for keeping records or maintain them # Less load on the accounting department # Easy calculations of working hours of permanent and part-time employees # The salary calculation can be free from any fuss

With such benefits, the installation of Aussie time clocks can provide an advantage to both the business owner as well as the staff. There would be no confusion about the entry as well as the exit timings. And especially for those who work on an hourly basis, calculating their salary can be much easier.

Other than the above advantages, there are some more like

#1 The Aussie time clocks are far more accurate and less manual involved. #2 Everyone in the staff is treated equally with accurate entry and exit times. #3 Owners of the business, as well as the staff and the workers, cannot cheat the Aussie time clocks. #4 Staff members of the workers do not have to worry about signing the registers while coming or going, which can save a fair amount of time. #5 In the scenarios like ongoing pandemics working from home can be feasible, as the Aussie time clocks can be operated from home too, the team members do not have to worry about their work timings. They can log in and log out as per their convenience, and the working hours will be recorded in the data. #6 The Aussie time clocks are such types of affordable investments that can save energy, time as well as the stress of keeping track of the working hours and the payrolls.

But there are certain drawbacks, which you must know :

#1 Adapting to newer technology can be tough. Some old workers may feel betrayed that the owner is relying on the equipment rather than having trust in his own employees. #2 And second is, the time clocks can record the time of entrance and exit, but what the worker does at that particular time cannot be seen. Some lazy workers many take disadvantage of such situation.


When you compare the benefits with the drawbacks, that you will find that using the Aussie time clock helps in building trust between the owner and the workers. As both the owner as well as, the employees will be satisfied that the salary is according to the work timings. For this, you can also choose your career as a software developer to develop more and more features in the different time clock.