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How to transform your business in 4 months

02 July 2012

We were enjoying a lovely roast dinner, just the two of us, when my 14 year-old son Billy announced with serious intent and equal excitement, his wish to study in the US after he finishes high school.

I spluttered on my red. We didn’t really need to be thinking about stuff like that just yet, did we? That was four years away!

I spent the rest of that wet Melbourne weekend oscillating between feelings of joy that my son had such vision and feelings of annoyance at myself that I hadn’t been taking action towards achieving my own vision to live and work overseas.

There’s nothing like your own kid to get you cranked up and into action. I now had the perfect reason to work as hard as hell to transform my business to achieve my vision - so that I could partly fund my son’s dream and so that I’d be free to visit him in the US whenever I felt like it.

To cut a very long story short, I’ve now created a roadmap to transform my business over the next 4 months with a complete marketing makeover.

Why 4 months I hear you ask. Haven’t I got 4 years? No way. No 4-year action plan ever worked for any small business owner I’ve ever met. A 4-month action plan on the other hand?  That’s doable! It’s just long enough that you can rebrand if you need to, launch an online program (watch this space), refresh your suite of services, launch a new website and start to get traction on it to create the platform for future growth. And it’s long enough to keep the fire burning bright.

It’s absolutely possible to give your business a complete makeover in just 4 months. Why do I know it’s possible? Because we just did it. With a shared vision and a talented team, we just transformed the business of Accounting Solutions, a Christchurch accounting and advisory firm with a real difference.  Read the full case study and how we did it here Accounting Solutions - Not your Average Accounting Firm

Stephen Covey said ‘Begin with the end in mind’. I say, just make sure the ‘end’ is only 4 months away. Then you can begin again with a whole new end in mind!

Till next time...happy marketing!

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