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How to Stop Facebook from Tagging You in a Photo or Post

05 September 2013

Facebook remains among the top photo sharing sites. Each day, millions of photos are posted by users.
It’s also fairly easy for Facebook users to tag friends in their photos. Unfortunately, you may not wish to be constantly tagged in photos.
There are ways to stop people from tagging you. Read on to discover how to untag yourself now.
How to Untag yourself from a Facebook Photo
To immediately remove the tag, first click the photo you’re tagged in. Look for the Options at the bottom of the image and click Remove Tag. 
You will then be shown two options with a box beside each – I want to untag myself or I want this photo removed from Facebook.
For just removing the tag, click the “I want to untag myself or remove this tag” option, then continue.
Next, click the option Remove tag created by the person (name provided) who tagged you in the photo and hit the continue button.
You will then be untagged from the photo.
Untag from Account Settings to avoid being tagged in a Facebook photo.
Another way to avoid being tagged in photos is to do it via your account settings.
On the top right hand corner of your Timeline, click the cog symbol and go to Account Settings.
On the next page on the left column, click Timeline and Tagging.
Once you’re on the Timeline and Tagging Settings page, check the topmost section that says “Who can add things to my timeline?” and click Edit on the rightmost part of the section that says Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?
On the section that opens, click the down arrow on the button that says Disabled and choose Enable.
This way, every photo or post you’re tagged in will have to be reviewed and approved by you first before they appear on your Timeline.
On the bottom portion that says “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” click Edit to the right of the line that says Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook.
Then choose to Enable it if it’s disabled. Any post or photo you’re tagged in will need your approval first before it appears on your Timeline.
Then you’re done. You’ll now have control over people tagging you in photos and know how to remove tags on photos you do not wish to be identified in.
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