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How to optimise your CV from the comfort of your own home

07 March 2014

These days, we need to do all we can and a whole lot more to get ourselves ahead of the game and noticed professionally. Given the ability to access education across the world, more and more people are emerging with the same skill sets, experience, education and more; making professional competition across a wide range of fields more intense than ever. So what can we do? Well, one thing that will help is playing to the strengths of the aforementioned availability of education, especially as it’s largely available from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at these convenient ways to boost your learning and improve your CV.

1) Online courses

The internet offers information ranging from the useful, the fascinating to the downright bizarre and frightening. There are places where you can gain official accreditations ranging from degrees to diplomas and online courses from providers such as NowLearning, or The Davidson Institute for finance courses. Many of us may not have the time or money to commit to a long term course, which is why sometimes only online courses offer the flexibility to learn what you want, when you want. Whether you’re interested in finance courses, photography courses or even courses in using Excel, you can tailor your study time to your own schedule and add to your CV with some impressive extracurricular expertise.   

2) YouTube tuition videos

YouTube is not all about videos of people falling over and generally making fools of themselves. In fact, YouTube has a whole plethora of “how to” videos uploaded by generous users that cover a whole spectrum of subjects. There’s a load of content offering fantastic professional advice and tuition. For example, if you’re applying for a job that requires knowledge of how to use Photoshop, you can educate yourself in almost no time on the basics (and more) from the comfort of your own home.    

3) Self-Help Books

Don't dismiss the genre entirely. Memoirs or biographies written by famous entrepreneurs and business people are packed with know-how and tips. You may learn a thing or two about your own field of work or even pick up a couple of nuggets of expertise. Extra relevant knowledge you can flaunt when applying for a job or when attending an interview can set you apart.

4) Help Out Around the Community

Admittedly it’s not exactly from the comfort of your own home... but there’s always a myriad of things you can do as a volunteer - whether it's offering your support to the elderly or getting involved in activities at the community centre, getting involved boosts your skills and credibility. Employers also know you’re more than willing to be hands on and help out without asking anything in return.

Agata Jajszczyk blogs for NowLearning.