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How to develop a simple marketing plan

07 March 2011

A marketing plan doesn't need to be complicated, hard or expensive to develop, and the benefits of having one are enormous. Some of the ways it can benefit your business are by...

raising awareness of your business, resulting in new clients and an increase in income

increasing the number of referrals and encourage word of mouth referrals to your business

building your business and establishing trust within your industry

raising your profile among potential employees, making it easier when you are recruiting.

Your marketing plan doesn't need to be sophisticated but should at least include:


3-4 marketing/business objectives - these should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) so they can easily be evaluated

SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, including a bit of info about your competitors

Your target market - the main group of potential consumers you want to sell your product to

Your unique value proposition - what is the reason your customers keep coming to you?

Key messages - the main messages about your business that you want your customer to know and will include information about price, product, distribution

Communication tactics appropriate for your target market (such as brochures, website, media releases)


Action plan

Evaluation mechanisms.

There is no point having a marketing plan if you don't use it! Include an action plan. Again, this doesn't need to be complex. You might only have time for one activity a month, or you might be able to do an hour a day. It is important to make sure your marketing is regular and consistent - this way you won't be caught out during slower times.

Put your action plan onto 1 page and stick it near your computer or work area so you can see it regularly. Think about diarising specific times into your schedule for marketing - this way it becomes a priority in the same way other appointments are.

Make sure you evaluate what you do so you can see what works and what doesn't. If your marketing is not working then look at how you can change and improve it.

Keep it flexible - if an opportunity comes along then take it! Don't turn it down just because it's not \"in the plan\"!

Download a simple marketing plan template and make marketing a priority today!

By Mel Kettle

Mel Kettle is the Principal of Mel Kettle Consulting, a boutique marketing communication agency based in Brisbane. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Management) and a Master of Business (Marketing) and has nearly 20 years experience in developing and delivering strategic marketing communication.

Ph 0404 600 889

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