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How Testimonials Can Be Your Best Marketing Tools

07 March 2011

Actively source testimonials and promote them on your website, work samples, brochures, proposals etc. Make sure you ask permission to use them and always publish the client's full name and business name or full name and suburb. Initials alone and a suburb look fabricated.

A great way to promote your services is to publish testimonials from a variety of clients to cover a range of your offerings. For example, if you have a graphics/printing/signage/storage business, collect different testimonials such as:

A client stating they had no idea how to present a product and you designed everything for them, how grateful they were and how many comments they received on the striking brochure

A client with clever signage on their car saying how often they get stopped or contacted for appointments because people notice the effective sign writing

A client who has used you for printing for years, is always happy with the print quality and values the fact that you print in volume and warehouse for them because they don't have the space to do so themselves

Publishing testimonials from 3 raving fans like this will do more for your product than you just expressing that you are a print, graphic and signage specialist. People reading your testimonials will also learn of other services you provide they may not have been aware of, and this reinforces your skill set.

If you think the word testimonial might scare people off, then ask customers \"for their story\" instead.

When customers email you with praise, copy what they wrote, add a title and their name and ask them if you can use the following statement in advertising material and in your website.


Sherryn McBride is a freelance marketer, copywriter and industry trainer with 25 years practical experience. For easily understood marketing talk without breaking the budget or to purchase CDs and ebooks from the \"Making Sense of Marketing\" series click on or




  • Sally Healey

    Sally Healey 9 years ago

    A timely reminder - thanks for this great article

  • Amanda Day

    Amanda Day 9 years ago

    Love this article Sherryn, I need to constantly remind myself of the value of testimonials - our happy clients often better communicate our value than we possibly can!