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How not to manage your social media

22 October 2013

How not to social network


I was part of an interesting conversation on twitter this morning. One of my followers was tweeting with a new shopping precinct that has recently opened to great fanfare and popularity. He was complaining about their lack of response to one of his questions asked via twitter a day or two ago. Their response:

apologies for not responding sooner, our social media accounts are managed from 9:30am - 1:30pm Wed-Fri only :)

Um, what? Your shopping and dining precinct is open from at least 7.30am until 9pm most days, yet you only have social media management for 12 hours a week. 


I'm going to assume this is a budget issue. And that's fine, but if you are in a business and you have part time social media, please, no, pretty please, make that clear in your social media profiles. This means that you won't have irate people publicly complaining about your lack of response to their concerns.

However you do also need to be aware that monitoring social media needs to occur every day. Ideally you will have someone monitoring your social media while your business is, you know, open for business. Just like you have someone managing your phone lines while your business is open for business. So if you only manage  your social media part time, expect criticism and complaint. Because your customers are going to want to talk to you 24/7/365.

Social media operates in real time and people expect responses immediately. It's the new way of the communication.

If it is a budget issue and you can only afford to have someone monitoring your social media for 12 hours a week, then spread those 12 hours over the whole week. Such as two hours a day Monday - Friday and one hour each on Saturday and Sunday. 

With mobile technology being, well, mobile, social media monitoring can happen anywhere. Not just sitting at a desk in an office.

Just something for you to think about. 


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