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How are you Faring?

19 July 2013

How are you and your business faring?

We are riding some big waves as we chart a new course and trying to be in control as we do this. Easier said than done. Changing direction requires time, effort, information and insight while at the same time keeping everyone on board.


We have been through many market ups and downs, but this one in the face of globalisation, the amazing speed of advances in technology as well as big changes in the Australian market place requires new ideas, radical solutions and a great deal of courage.


What are you doing to support new initiatives in your business?


We use our trips out of Australia to take a good look at ourselves. We look for opportunities beyond Australia and actively forge new relationships (we strongly believe it is all about relationships). We have refined our product range and expanded our product design capacity.


We are focusing on ways we can retain our authenticity and are constantly open to new ideas and new people. We spend time sifting through the digital world for information that makes us think and make a point of extending our search beyond our own sphere to any sector that can inspire us.


We collaborate with other like-minded business colleagues and share what we know in order to inspire and be inspired. After all, we are only 23 million people in a crowded market who have to make huge changes. We have to be strong, farsighted, passionate and resilient if we are to succeed.


We would love to hear any inspiring ideas you have to share of your voyage through the current market place.