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Here are 5 Businesses You Could Keep for Extra Income

16 November 2016

Whether you are considering starting a business for extra income while you are still employed elsewhere or you are looking for a business that you can expand later on, there is a wide variety of opportunities for you to choose from. Here are 5 businesses that you should consider starting as well as keep for the future.

Professional Organizer

If you are someone who thinks “everything has a place and everything should be in its place”, becoming a professional organizer may be the ideal side job for you. People are generally overwhelmed with “stuff” and it’s not that most people don’t have any idea of how to get organized; it’s just that the “stuff” continues to grow and/or they simply do not have the time to organize it. As a professional organizer, your role would be to use your organizational skills to sort and put items in their appropriate place while earning a decent income by simply organizing their home and/or lifestyle.

Personal Services

Operating a personal services business can keep you busy all year round, but if you only prefer to work part-time for your side business, you could offer your services during the holidays only. Once you prove that you are dependable and trustworthy, it can be a great way to earn some extra money or as a business to fall back on. There are several ways you could go with a personal services business. For example, if you only want to work during the holidays, your specialty could be shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your customers list.

Vending Business

A vending business can be an extremely profitable business venture. You can choose to start only one or two vending machines or you can consider searching for an entire vending business for sale. First and most importantly, you have to scout for locations before you buy. You’ll need to think about where you will find people who want the goods in your vending machines. Make sure to visit possible locations several times to give you a better idea of the traffic flow. You will need to ensure the machines are full at all times, so it may be necessary to stock them daily. It is also extremely important to make sure the machines are clean and properly working. There is wide range of product options to choose from and a vending business offers job flexibility.

Online Auctions

People are turning to the web more and more to do their shopping. If you currently have an account with an online auction, such as eBay, instead of simply bidding on auctions, start your own business. You can make a decent living from buying things at flea markets and garage sales, and reselling them online. The secret to making an online auction business work is by only selling products you know extremely well, package your items carefully and provide your customers with excellent service.


If you are knowledgeable in something, and this can be just about anything, you can get paid to teach others to do it. This is the type of business where you will need to be fairly proficient in networking, but with a little work, you can keep your consultant business for years to come. Choose something you know or something that you are willing to learn and either teach others to do it or do it for them.

Keep in mind that starting a business you can keep requires hard-work and dedication. The above businesses can be started with little capital, but built as business you can keep.