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Free writing - how to improve your business writing

07 March 2013

Are you the sort of person who sits down to write proposals, reports, letters or the monthly  newsletter only to stare at a blank page for half the day? You are not alone! And you are quite normal!

Writing is something we are taught very young, at home or school. Yet we are taught how to spell our names, write dull sentences and in today’s modern age we see a lot of LOL’s and  CU L8er.

Of course, you can outsource some or all of your writing to a copy writer and that is a great option for many. However for those who really want to try and improve their writing skills so they can get more involved, here are some tips and tricks! It’s worth trying because even though you can outsource your blogs, website and press releases, you still need to write your own emails, personal correspondence and so on.

Professional and business writing does need to follow some guidelines. You need to write in a professional manner and avoid too much short hand, joking around or bad grammar. So the following techniques are purely for PRACTISE! Do not try to write your professional documents this way. These exercises are merely to get your creative juices flowing and get your brain into a place where words come easily.

Here are some techniques you can try to release your creative side when it comes to writing. Spend 30 minutes practising one or two of these exercises, get your brain warmed up then move on to writing your professional document. With these exercises, the point is to WRITE ANYTHING! So do not think about what you are writing - it is expected you will end up with mumbo jumbo that does not make sense. That’s okay. The point is to just write.

Write only words that have one syllable

It is harder than you think. But try to write a 100 word story or factual report using words that only have one syllable. This technique gets your brain thinking of different words and you cannot simply use the same words you always go to first. So it teaches you to search for a better word.

Write with your left hand

Sounds crazy but it forces you to think differently and take your time.

Write with music in the background

Put on some music (without lyrics) such as classical music or jazz, and write what the music makes you feel.

Write without full stops

Just write (or type!). Resist the temptation to put in all the grammar and full stops. Just write freely.


Have some fun and enjoy breaking all the rules just for a short time! And if you still would like some help with writing or editing, then consider building a relationship with a proof reader or editing company that can help you get the outcomes you want.



  • Louise Upton

    Louise Upton 7 years ago

    That first exercise – Write only words that have one syllable – really pushed me. My brain hurt trying to do it.

  • Rachel Boros

    Rachel Boros 7 years ago


  • Rachel Boros

    Rachel Boros 7 years ago

    Thanks for your comment Sue. However I am not sure what you mean? I went with the Oxford dictionary defintion of PRACTISE which means to: perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it:I need to practise my French where as PRACTICE: actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it:the principles and practice of teaching

  • Sue Averay

    Sue Averay 7 years ago

    Don't want to be pedantic, but as a writing specialist I feel I should point out that the verb is 'to practise' while the noun is 'practice'. You have them comfused in your fourth paragraph, where the word in upper case is a noun.