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Five Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

17 July 2013

Most businesses venture into social media marketing with one goal in mind:  Attracting new customers that will purchase their product or service.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. It takes a lot of time and effort to build momentum with social media and that's where a well planned online marketing strategy can be an invaluable tool. 

Here are the 'Five Tips for Social Media Marketing Success' that Brisbane Marketing and Creative Agency, Blackbird's Bower shares with clients. 

1. Create on online presence: We live in a digital world and consumers expect to find information about companies and their products or services online. That means having a website! 
We know it sounds basic, but almost half of small to medium Aussie businesses still don't have an online presence. 

Think of social networks as rented space. Eventually, you need a place to call home. It doesn't have to be a super expensive, flashy website. A one page company overview may be all you need to get started. If cost is a factor, learn to build one yourself! Check out for some DIY options.

2. Write great content: It's important to write informative, effective, gramatically correct website and social media content.  
Make sure your content answers any questions that potential customers may have. For example: You may have a new product that is way better than your competitors product. It's cheaper, greener, people can order it online and it's at their door the next day. 

It's crucial to identify your 'point of difference' in the first line of your website copy and ensure it's highly visible in all of your online content. Consider developing four or five key messages (and stick to them!). It's also important to ask yourself  regularly, 'why' you are developing content and 'who' it is for. 

FAST FACT: Approximately 46% of online users rely on social media when making a purchase decision. 

3. Embrace your story: Whether your local coffee shop makes  the best organic bliss balls on the market, or you have invented a new piece of time-saving engineering equipment: Every business has a story. Grab some paper and pens and write down everything your business stands for. 

What are you (and your team) passionate about? Why is your business unique? Remember to ask yourself, how does your story fit within all the content you’re planning and publishing for your business? 

TIP: Make sure you publish anything great others have said about you and/or your business on your website and social media channels. 

4.  Keep an eye on the competition: What are other businesses in your market/area of expertise doing well? Do they have thousands of Facebook fans? Try to make a point of learning from others (remember; no one knows it all and learning keeps your mind active!).

If you don’t have direct competitors in your area, that means you have tapped into a niche market (hurrah!). If you have lots of competitors, work out what it is they are doing that people love and put your own spin on it.  

DID YOU KNOW? 37% of Aussies view their social networks first thing in the morning and 42% view them last thing at night. 

5. Become a 'super consumer': Sign up to newsletters written by industry leaders in your field, subscribe to the latest data and actively seek new ideas that will help you develop relevant and engaging content.  

If your focus is only on creating, not consuming content you could be missing out on crucial information, insights and opportunities to upskill. Participation is also important. If you like something someone says or shares on LinkedIn or Facebook, give it the thumbs up or share it with your networks. Others may just do the same for you. 

Footnote: It's a reality that most businesses (including large companies) don't 'do' social media well. If you take the time to consider your strategy and develop some techniques; you will stand out from your competitors and in the long term, your brand and reputation will benefit.   - See more at: