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Find Yourself a Business Role Model

07 March 2011

If you're running your own business, chances are someone else has already come up against the same issues and challenges that you face - and despite this, they are succeeding. In fact, they're probably not only succeeding they're doing exceptionally well. Why is it that some people succeed and others do not?

If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, but feel overwhelmed by the number of options before you, find a role model, because as we've heard before, success leaves clues.

- Do some research and find out who's already been successful in your field. Sign up for their newsletters, check out their web site, review their marketing collateral and product offers, and then see if you can't follow their steps to success.

- Choose a single person or business. There is so much 'how to' information around, it can become overwhelming. Narrow your focus and look to just one person or business to follow. When you're truly focussed, success comes more easily.

- Don't limit yourself to your own industry. What works and is smart marketing for one company and one industry could easily apply to other businesses and industries. If you've been particularly impressed by a marketing tactic or product offer you've seen, then think about how you could work this into your business.

- Notice how YOU are marketed to and consider your OWN buying experiences. We've all been asked the question \"Would you like fries with that?\" If you've found yourself buying additional products you didn't intend to at the time, consider why you made that choice. What strategies did the seller employ to get you to spend more? Apply these to your own business.

- Join your role model's networking or coaching group. You may find your role model teaches others how to succeed. If you join their program you'll be shown the exact way they went about it.

- Be accountable to someone else. Find a mastermind group or business coach where you regularly need to check in. Not only can you brainstorm new ideas, but you are also accountable to someone else. There's nothing like the motivation of having to explain why you haven't taken action, to get you to take action!

Finding a role model is not a case of being a 'copy cat' - it's about learning from others and following their steps to success.


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  • Audrey Plate

    Audrey Plate 9 years ago

    Food for thought, thank you.

  • Rebecca Ormrod

    Rebecca Ormrod 9 years ago

    Great article Sue. It's so important to have to support of a mentor! And there is no harm in asking someone to mentor us!